If your device is unable to receive any sort of power or charge, there could be dirt or other debris stuck in the charging port that can permanently damage the charging port. This could prevent the device from charging properly. This guide will outline how to properly remove the charging port without damaging other parts of the device.

  1. Insert a metal spudger between the back case and the screen of the device.
    • Insert a metal spudger between the back case and the screen of the device.

    • The back cover is attached to the device by a series of snaps. The snaps are positioned about an inch from each other.

    • Move the spudger along the perimeter of the device while it is in between the back case and the screen to open each snap.

      • There will be an audible click every time a snap releases.

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  2. Remove the two 2.8 mm Phillips #000 screws from the speakers.
    • Remove the two 2.8 mm Phillips #000 screws from the speakers.

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    • Each speaker is now only connected to the main device by small plastic snaps.

    • Pry the speakers from the device at these two points using the heavy duty spudger.

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    • Remove the four 2.8mm #000 Phillips screws that hold the charging port and headphone jack in place.

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    • Disconnect the green square connector from the motherboard. To do so, put the flat end of the plastic opening tool underneath the connector and push down.

    • During reassembly, two clicks signify the charging board is completely attached to the motherboard.

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    • Place the heavy duty spudger underneath the charging port and push down to remove the charging port.

    • To reinsert the charging port, angle the port downwards towards the battery. Then press down the outside edge of the charging port.

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    • Peel the charging assembly from the device to completely remove the charging port from the device.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Note that you have to transfer the shroud over the charge port from the old assembly to the new one, if the replacement part wasn’t supplied with it. This threw me when I was screwing the new unit in, until I inspected the old part more closely. Also, it takes a lot more effort than you would expect to undo the case in the first place!

Lee Cooke - Responder

Taking the cover off wasn’t the easiest, but after that it went really smooth. Thanks for the instructions! It really helped a lot! Got my tablet charging again, so I am satisfied!

Brandon Congdon - Responder

there was a tape glued to right part of charging assembly and also part under the right speaker. is it a conductive tape, should it be replaced ? because once peeled off old assembly part, its difficult to put it back on the new one..

Anthony Ménagé - Responder

Are the instructions the same for the SM-P550?

R T - Responder

Great tutorial. Fixed my Tab. If you have the 9.7 w/pen there’s one extra connection on the charging assembly next to the speaker that you have to unplug before you peel out the assembly.

R T - Responder

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