Use this guide to replace a worn-out battery in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Before disassembling your phone, discharge the battery below 25%. A charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire and/or explode if accidentally punctured.

If your battery is swollen, take appropriate precautions. Do not heat your phone. If needed, you can use a dropper or syringe to inject isopropyl alcohol (90+%) around the edges of the back cover to weaken the adhesive. Swollen batteries can be very dangerous, so wear eye protection and exercise due caution, or take it to a professional if you're not sure how to proceed.

This guide involves removing the rear glass, which destroys the adhesive holding it in place. The adhesive will need to be replaced before the rear glass is replaced or reinstalled.

  1. Heat an iOpener and apply it to the volume button side of the phone for about two minutes.
    • Heat an iOpener and apply it to the volume button side of the phone for about two minutes.

      • You may need to reheat and reapply the iOpener several times to get the phone warm enough. Follow the iOpener instructions to avoid overheating.

      • A hair dryer, heat gun, or hot plate may also be used, but be careful not to overheat the phone—the OLED display and internal battery are both susceptible to heat damage.

  2. Once the back panel is hot to the touch, apply a suction cup near the center of the phone, and as close as possible to the edge of the panel.
    • Once the back panel is hot to the touch, apply a suction cup near the center of the phone, and as close as possible to the edge of the panel.

    • Lift on the suction cup to create a small gap underneath the rear glass, and insert an opening pick into the gap.

    • Slide the pick along the side of the phone to cut the adhesive securing the rear panel.

      • Go slowly so that the pick doesn't slip out of the seam. If cutting becomes difficult, reheat and reapply the iOpener.

    • Repeat the heating and cutting procedure for the remaining three sides of the phone.

    • Leave an opening pick under each edge to prevent the adhesive from resealing.

    • Use an opening pick to slice through any remaining adhesive.

    • Remove the rear glass.

    • To reinstall the back cover:

      • First use tweezers to peel away any remaining adhesive from both the back cover and the phone's chassis.

      • Then, clean the adhesion areas with high concentration isopropyl alcohol (at least 90%) and a lint-free cloth. Swipe in one direction only, not back and forth. This will help prep the surface for the new adhesive.

      • Be sure to turn on your phone and test your repair before installing new adhesive and resealing the phone.

      • Replacement adhesive comes in a pre-cut sheet to match the exact contours of the back cover. The sheet is asymmetrical, so make sure the screw holes in the adhesive sheet line up with the screws on the frame before applying the adhesive.

        • If the adhesive sheet is not available, you can use a high-bond double-sided tape, such as Tesa 61395.

      • After installing the rear cover, apply strong, steady pressure to your phone for several minutes to help the adhesive form a good bond, such as by placing it under a stack of heavy books.

    • If desired, you may reinstall the back cover without replacing the adhesive. Remove any large chunks of adhesive that might prevent the back cover from sitting down flush. After installation, heat the back cover and apply pressure to secure it. It won't be waterproof, but the glue is usually more than strong enough to hold.

    • Remove eighteen 3.2 mm screws from the midframe.

    • Press down on the back of the battery while you lift up on the edges of the midframe to separate the midframe from the rest of the phone.

    • Insert an opening pick between the display frame and the battery.

      • You may need to slide the pick back and forth a few times before it slides into the gap between the frame and the battery.

    • Slide the pick underneath the battery as far as you can while maintaining a firm grip on the pick.

    • Slide the pick down the side of the battery to break up the adhesive underneath.

    • Try your best not to deform the battery during this process. Soft-shell lithium-ion batteries can leak dangerous chemicals, catch fire, or even explode if damaged. Do not use excessive force or pry at the battery with metal tools.

    • Twist the opening pick to lift the battery away from the display frame.

    • Remove the battery.

    • To install a new battery:

      • Remove any remaining adhesive from the phone, and clean the glued areas with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth.

      • Secure the new battery with pre-cut adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape. In order to position it correctly, apply the new adhesive into the phone, not directly onto the battery. The adhesive should go around the perimeter of the battery compartment, but not in the rectangular cutout in the center (which is actually the back side of the display).

      • Press the battery firmly into place for 5-10 seconds.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This guide is not too realistic the iFixit iOpener does not get anywhere hot enough to actually heat the glue and the suction cup is also really inadequate and does not keep suction long enough to pull the back off. I managed to do it with a heat gun and glass mover suction cup, which in my opinion is necessary for this fix. This over all was an easy fix and only took about 40 mins to complete

Kevin Bahner - Responder

I have tried using a hair dryer and one of the suction cups that comes with replacement kits and it didn’t work, will a dent puller suction cup work?

Juno Field -

Do I really need new adhesive for the battery or will the midframe and old adhesive hold it well enough?

Juno Field - Responder

I would recommend new adhesive for the battery, just to be safe. The battery won’t fall out of the phone if it doesn’t have new adhesive, but there’s always a chance that if it slides around it could damage its cable or connector.

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So when i lift up the suction cup should teh back just lift up a little or do i need to hold the phone down some how?

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