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They are working for Galaxy S3 (I9300) too.

You can see the codes in the description of the video.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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hello, are those codes valid on fake samsungs as well? I am planning to buy one this week and I would like to test it for fakeness! Thank you!

kostas - Responder

I think - no.

ZFix - Responder

I want beak my imei u can hlep me

Nisim Cohen - Responder

You want to fix your IMEI or you want to change it?

ZFix -

My wifi antenna is not picking up a signal very well, i lose wifi if I am more than 20 ft from router. The code to get into service mode doesn't work on my galaxy s4 model SCH-I545, nor do any of the codes for that matter. Suggestions?

Brett - Responder

Nothing wrong with your antenna - device is susceptible to frequency interference.. not enough insulations involved in "non-Apple products" casing so it gets detered by magnetic waves , heat variations and signal parameters . Your best solution apart from getting a new phone or new wifi AP device would be to remove physical interference between the two communication points . Meaning if your connected to a wifi - ensure there is little (or if you know your $@$* you could angle other antennas to boost the range parameter) electronics along your line of sight and definitely no aluminum objects places between this path (line of sight-physical distance between you and your router/satellite or Arial) and hope your signal is enhanced .

Do the same with regards to cellular ,locate the nearest cell tower and point your device in that direction -finding the clearest path ahead (no walls and stuff)

Sage Fernandes -

If you are on a newer update that won't work. I'm running the 4.4.2 update and they don't work.

bluemgt06 - Responder

A factory reset, also known as master reset, is a software restore of an electronic device to its original system state by erasing all of the information stored on the device in an attempt to restore the device's software to its original manufacturer settings

So do you know how to do this without errors..

how to reset wiko phone

How to reset Chinese Lenovo phone

How to reset Lenovo phone

How to Factory Reset My Zigo phone

How to reset chinese language phone.

How to Factory Reset HTC Desire Phone

How to Reset Chinese HTC Desire

Ramal jayaratna - Responder

By hard booting *you'll have access to a regular filesystem menu, in which a factory reset should be displayed as an option . That is the only safe method (You doing it) trusting apps and programs to do it for you won't result in 100℅ successfully wiped device .

As far as I can recall the method used for Samsung devices would be to hold the volume down+power+home button (all 3) continuously whilst rebooting .

Sage Fernandes -

Android error

Hw to

Sourabh Verma - Responder

What error exactly ????? Of the billions of possible errors , please do specify which one or at the very least an error code so that I can help you resolve the mysterious issue you've been faced with

Sage Fernandes -

I have sony xperia E1 and its sim network hard lock (no try left to enter code) how can it will unlock?

qamarnoor - Responder

My Galaxy S4 has two problem.

1. Wifi is not turning on. When i make it on, its become OFF again.

2. My Sim network is not stable. It is showing frequent network up-down or disconnect from network after some time. Where my network is stable on other device.

Please help me to tear down the issue.

Martin Hossain - Responder

Hi, i have same problem as you, how did you solved that?

Gyula Bojtár -

Same. Prob. Help. Me. Pls.

shohel.raja -

Did anyone crack this one..?

russchamn46 -

How reset settings in service mode in galaxy note4

Venkatsha Yadav - Responder

Hi, please help…in trying to unlock mt samsung galaxy s4 from a network, I deleted the efs file so now the imei is blank and no network. how can I reverse this please?

Tee Mag - Responder

How do i repair imei? Sim card is not registering nerwork and camera also not functioning

dumie ng'anjo - Responder

Yes same here

russchamn46 -

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