Trying to replace the screen, incl. digitizer.

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Actually you need only to remove the battery but I removed the motherboard etc. for safety reasons.

    • Using the nylon spudger or plastic opening tool along the edges of the screen, separate the back case off of the device.

    • If possible, consider using the black nylon spudger for a gentler separation.

    Remove stylus before you remove. There’s a nubbin on the main board that may dislodge it stylus is in place. it is easily reinserted, but easy hassle to avoid.

    Matt - Responder

    It’s worth mentioning that there is a part of the device casing, accessible from the back, that can be removed but has very fragile retaining clips. Although the picture does show that the prying tool is lifting the screen, it is hard to see. You will not be able to access the charge port by removing a portion of the casing. You must remove the case from the screen side.

    Eden Mugg - Responder

  1. Place your finger on the thin black bar at the end of the ribbon tape and flip each one up.
    • Place your finger on the thin black bar at the end of the ribbon tape and flip each one up.

    • Gently pull the ribbon tape on the battery away from the bar. Repeat this process for the second ribbon tape.

    I would recommend disconnecting the battery at this stage in the process, as the connector can be lifted without disconnecting the cables. It’s generally best practice to disconnect the battery before disconnecting any other cables.

    Eden Mugg - Responder

  2. This step seems unnecessary, as the battery connector can be disconnected without lifting the battery. If you struggle to lift the connector, you could follow this step to get better leverage.

    Eden Mugg - Responder

    • Lift up the battery from the bottom and situate the black nylon spudger underneath the battery.

    • Use the black nylon spudger to disconnect the multi-colored wires from the rest of the device.

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    • Remove the three 3mm screws on the top right side of the device with the Phillips PH000 screw head.

    • Remove the one 3mm screw on the top left side of the device with the same method.

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    • Remove the gray rubber piece.

    • Use a spudger or fingernail to disconnect the blue antenna cable from the motherboard.

    • Remove the right speaker unit.

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    • Remove the loudspeaker modules located on the parts where the screws were removed by using the black nylon spudger.

    • They are the black pieces at the top left and right corners of the device that have metal squares on them in the middle.

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    • Disconnect the camera piece from the motherboard.

    • The camera piece is shaped like an "L".

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    • Disconnect all cables on the motherboard.

    • See our connector guide for help safely disconnecting various types of connectors.

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    • Use the black nylon spudger to gently lift the motherboard away from the frame.

    • Remove the motherboard.

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    • remove middle frame by pulling it off

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    • follow as shown on

    • Screen burst, be aware of glass splinters. May you cover the screen with tissue

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    • buttons are glued to frame, gently lift up screen

    • pull of cable, connecting the buttons, gently

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    • rub of the glue with the fingers

    • remove residues with makeup remover or similar

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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is the digitizer glued to the lcd screen?

Amiel D Hechanova - Responder

it is see referenced YouTube video

Stefn Mueller - Responder

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