First you take the front apart and then you take the back apart in order to get to the hinge.

  1. push down the back cover of the phone, then take it out.
    • push down the back cover of the phone, then take it out.

  2. Remove the battery.
    • Remove the battery.

    • Remove the two 4 mm screws on screen.

    • Remove front outside casing with plastic opening tools.

    • Remove ribbon connector next to camera using tweezers.

    • Unscrew and remove the two 3.95 mm screws underneath that ribbon connector.

    • Be careful not to lose their accompanying plastic washers.

    • Pull the two halves of the phone apart.

    • The phone will not slide straight apart. You have to angle the back half up a little.

    • Do not force it. Jiggle it a little if it doesn't come apart.

    • Remove the plastic panel cover from the hinge.

    • Remove the 3.41 mm screw out from underneath plastic cover.

    • Pop out top half of hinge with plastic opening tool. This will release hinge cover for removal.

    • Pull off hinge cover.

    • Remove the two 2.71 mm screws on the hinge using screwdriver.

    • Under these screws will be a washer, spring, and small metal disc. Make sure you don't lose these.

    • Remove Verizon logo from back of phone using plastic opening tool

    • The logo is attached with glue. It will be sticky but it just pulls off.

    • Remove the four 4.44 mm screws from the back.

    • Remove the three 4.35mm screws from under the Verizon logo.

    • Make sure you don't mix the screws together.

    • Pull back off using plastic opening tool

    • Do Not lose the buttons on the side of the phone, as they will come off of the phone when you remove the back outside casing.

    • Pull up on yellow tab.

    • Disconnect connecting cord using tweezers.

    • Disconnect rectangular ribbon.

    • Take out the logic board.

    • Remove the three 3.95 mm screws.

    • The two rightmost screws must be pulled out with tweezers after unscrewed.

    • Pull the hinge out.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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