Owners of this headset are most likely aware of the rattling it makes when you move around. This is one of the biggest complaints of this headset and it can be easily fixed.

  1. Remove the foam speaker cover. Locate (4) T5 Torx screws and remove.
    • Remove the foam speaker cover. Locate (4) T5 Torx screws and remove.

  2. Remove (3) Phillips #000 screws.
    • Remove (3) Phillips #000 screws.

    • Remove circuit board

    • Optional, remove media buttons section by removing (3) Phillips #000 screws.

    • Cut a circular piece of foam and stuff it under the center section.

    • You are now finished! Just reassemble


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Please, can you help with silencing the low battery sound?

Houssam - Responder

OMG.. Best tutorial! I was looking at completing this and then stumbled upon your post.

The button rattle was driving me nuts!

TropiKalSTORM - Responder

Warning: this is a huge pain! I can confirm it does work though, so thank you!

Some tips:

- After removing the 4 Torx, fully extend the adjustable arm of the right earpiece/headband, it will make it easier to remove the cover

- There are very thin delicate wires connecting the PCB to the earpiece, making everything more difficult

- I could not generate enough torque with my thin stainless jewelers screwdrivers, trying as hard as I could. I recommend a large handle screwdriver. I ended up putting my jewelers screwdriver in my drill, this worked perfectly.

- I used a cut up earplug for the foam, works well, but was hard to shove into place

- Remember to put the sliding switch back into place before putting the screws in for the PCB when putting back together

Joey - Responder

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