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Repairing Apple Wireless Keyboard Power Button

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  1. Repairing Apple Wireless Keyboard Power Button, Power Button: passo 1, imagem 1 %32
    • Cut away the dented aluminum with your cutting knife. It's a little bit tricky and you have to use some force to cut it, but it will work.

    • Please be carefull with the knife! You can cut into your thumb very easily!

  2. Repairing Apple Wireless Keyboard Power Button: passo 2, imagem 1 %32
    • Carefully pull out the power button if needed and correct the dent

    • Push the power button back in once the dent is smoothed out from inside.


Once the aluminum that was holding the button in is cut away, your device is repaired. No reassembly is necessary.

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This worked for me. Be Careful. I made it worse initially because the inside edge became rough with my hacking away. I ended up smoothing the edge with a stainless steel cuticle pusher. Also: Constantly blow the scrapings away so they don't get caught between the button and the edge.

joan roco - Responder

Thanks for this idea. It worked great for me and saved the keyboard. My first idea was to try to fully disassemble the keyboard so I could bend the piece back out with pliers after removing the button. I probably would've destroyed the keyboard without fixing it without this simple idea.

Wesley Womack - Responder

Bullshit nothing can go between the button and the Keyboard, i just break my keyboard... thx

ruedifly - Responder

It worked for me. Took an hour or so to carefully cut the alumunium around the button. It took quite long because I have a crappy cutter that will easily snapped its sharp point.

Eventually the click was starting to work. Didn't manage to cut deeper so the whole assembly is still stuck.

Indramin Darmadi - Responder

It worked! The dent is pressing the power button making it unmovable. Its was on that state until I changed batteries. Now scratched and dented but working. Apple design flaw.

adelacuesta2972 - Responder

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