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Repairing 1998-2002 Honda Accord Main Relay


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Nick Miller

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I have replace my main relay my ecm the coil but my cr still not running it sound as if it had no gas but the injectors are working and the fuel pump. Before my car stop working. It would be running just find till I turn it off. Then I have to wait till it would cool down to start again can anyone help?

Miguel - Responder

Is there a gas smell in your oil if so give it a complete oil change.

Chyna Redd - Responder

Um, how about finishing this?

Wade Rackley - Responder

Cm for camshaft codes or cranksensor code orno1 cylindercodes replace distributor

Pedro LaCourt - Responder

While Miguel's is an old post waiting for an engine to cool are signs of electrical breakdown, which is the coil works while cool and quits when it warms up and maybe the crankshaft sensor falls in the same category. I don't know where this was headed but there are Yuo Tube videos of repairing the main relay, pull open it and look at the solder joints checking for cracks.

Thomas Loecken - Responder

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