Use this guide to remove the rear brake caliper and rotor.

  1. Loosen the exhaust strap:
    • Loosen the exhaust strap:

      • Use an 12mm wrench to loosen the exhaust band lock nut.

      • A 6mm Allen key is required to unscrew the bolt at the bottom of the band.

        • The Allen bolt is screwed into a loose nut in a cavity cast into the swing arm. It may fall out or become twisted. A magnet is helpful in retrieving it to re-align it for reassembly.

    • Once the bottom of the strap is loose, you can push it upward and slide the retaining pin that secures the top of the strap out to release it.

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  2. Use a 13mm socket to loosen the clamp between the muffler and header pipe.
    • Use a 13mm socket to loosen the clamp between the muffler and header pipe.

      • You do not need to remove the bolt, but you want to loosen the clamp enough to allow the exhaust to be removed without damaging the gasket between the muffler and header pipe.

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    • A Torx T40 driver is required to remove the final bolt securing the exhaust.

    • The Exhaust assembly is now free. Pull and wiggle the muffler back (taking care not to damage your exhaust joint gasket) until the muffler comes free from the header pipe.

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    • Remove the 15mm nut securing the upper front corner of the swingarm.

    • Remove the 15mm nut securing the lower front corner of the swing arm.

      • Access to this nut is limited by the header pipe. A swivel extension maybe required to reach it.

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    • Straighten and remove the cotter pin securing the rear hub nut cover.

      • Don't worry about damaging the cotter pin. It is intended to be replaced each time it is removed.

    • Remove the cover from the rear hub nut.

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    • Remove the 24mm rear hub nut. Having a friend hold the rear brake handle will help break it loose. You can also use an impact wrench to remove it if you cannot get enough torque with a hand ratchet.

    • There is a spacer behind the rear hub nut. It will slide off with little or no force.

    • There is a spacer behind the rear hub nut. It will slide off with little or no force.

    Rear hub nut is 24mm, not 22.

    Evan - Responder

    • Grip the swingarm and pull it free of the 2 15mm studs and rear axle. You will now have access to the rear wheel.

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    • Remove the five 10mm bolts securing the rear wheel.

    • Pull the wheel towards you, sliding it free of the rear axle.

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    • Loosen the two 6mm Allen bolts securing the rear caliper.

      • Apply blue Locktite or a similar product to these bolts upon reassembly to prevent them from rattling loose.

    • Lift the caliper up and free of the brake rotor.

      • Take care not to damage the brake line when moving the caliper. Do not let the caliper just hang from the brake line.

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    • There is a spacer between the rear wheel and hub. It is not pressed on and should slide off easily.

    • The rear hub with rotor attached should now slide freely off of the rear axle.

    • Remove the five 10mm nuts, then the five 4mm Allen bolts they were locking into place to remove the rear brake rotor for replacement.

      • Apply Loctite or a similar product to the rotor hardware before reinstalling.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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