Electric toothbrushes are powered by a rechargeable battery, that enables the reciprocating brushing motion of the bristles. If your electric toothbrush loses power quickly or doesn't hold charge, most likely the rechargeable battery needs to be replaced.

  1. Pull off head, and use pliers to remove the white cap. Pull out the circuit core.
    • Pull off head, and use pliers to remove the white cap. Pull out the circuit core.

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  2. De-solder in these four (4) locations.
    • De-solder in these four (4) locations.

    • The two (2) motor connections

    • The Positive (+) side of the battery

    • The Negative (-) side of the battery

    I am hoping the author of his guide receives theses comments. I have a Braun brush with dud battery, and am hoping to replace. I am afraid it is not at all clear from the photographs which are the points that need de-soldering. Thanks for any help.

    Peter Bull - Responder

    Having now noticed and browsed the guide history, I see that there were indicators for where to desolder (on one photo only). I can’t understand why these clarifying marks were then removed from the final draft?!?!?!

    Peter Bull - Responder

    IFixit technical team advised us to remove the indicators on the photo before we could publish it .

    Nicole Antoine - Responder

    How do I contact the technical team to complain about their censoring of indicators. Bonkers!

    Unless you are extremely skilled at soldering I advise against attempting to do this battery replacement. I had two brushes with rapidly discharging batteries. After the first one failed to work with replacement battery, I tried on the second, only to discover that, by the time the solder had heated enough to liquify and remove, the fine circuits on the circuit board had fried and the brush was useless. (And I have done my fair share of soldering)

    Peter Bull - Responder

    • De-Solder lower battery connection terminal. Bend back battery terminal to clear circuit board.

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    • De-Solder the three (3) upper terminals from the circuit board.

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    • Use plastic prying tools to carefully pry off the circuit board. (Utilize metal spedger as a last resort)

    • There is a white tab that goes through the board, be careful when removing the circuit board.

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    • Pull the circuit board and battery assembly out. Then proceed to remove the battery from the circuit board

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    • When re-installing battery, remember to bend down lower terminal. And the negative (-) terminal is closest to the copper wires

    • Ensure you recharge the toothbrush after the repair.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Remember to apply just enough solder to re-attach the terminals.

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This is very easy to do. I had no problems following your instructions.

Ian Bowker - Responder

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