The Oppo R9m walks like an iPhone, looks different inside, but scores like an iPhone, too.

  1. Exterior reference shots.
    • Exterior reference shots.

  2. T2 Torx screws appear to secure the display, but removing them doesn't seem to make its removal any easier.
    • T2 Torx screws appear to secure the display, but removing them doesn't seem to make its removal any easier.

      • Very strong clips secure the interior of the phone to the stiff metal rear case.

    • Nothing on the rear case.

    • Battery immediately accessible.

    • Battery pull tab has instructions and works well to peel the battery up. Adhesive is fairly stiff.

    • Battery takes protective sheet with it, revealing interconnect cables.

    • After the battery the next available components are:

      • Antenna interconnect cables.

      • Charging port and cable, very good for repair, individual part, and easily accessible.

      • Various brackets, annoying for reassembly, but standard Phillips #00 screws are a bonus.

    • The motherboard-daughterboard interconnect cable connects to the underside of the daughterboard, which makes removing the cable or board more difficult.

    • The headphone jack is soldered to the daughterboard, but the board is small and has minimal parts, so it should be an inexpensive replacement component.

    • Motherboard and speaker assembly are now removable.

    • Once the motherboard is removed the following components can be removed: camera bracket, cameras, interconnect cable.

    • The display assembly final components are fairly easily removed: home button bracket, home button, button cables, vibrator, earpiece speaker.

    • Including the frame and fused display in the display assembly makes the part more expensive.

    • The Oppo R9m earns a 7 out of 10 on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):

      • Battery is fairly easily accessible and removable.

      • Most components are extremely modular making for cheaper repairs.

      • The opening procedure is extremely tough, clips are very stiff and likely to be broken.

      • The single unit display assembly is annoying to reach, and will be a costly part.

      • Manufacturer does not provide user-accessible repair documentation.

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