If some buttons are not working on your phone, use this guide to replace them.


Não são necessárias peças.

  1. Flip the phone over to view the back.
    • Flip the phone over to view the back.

    • Remove the power and phone cords.

  2. Remove the seven 8mm Phillips #2 screws.
    • Remove the seven 8mm Phillips #2 screws.

    • Lift up the back cover slowly because there are still wires attached to the circuit board.

    • Lifting the back cover should not require a lot of force; simply lift with your fingertips.

    • Disconnect the rubber piece by pulling it out of the slot, freeing the back cover completely.

    • Remove the six 8mm Phillips #2 screws.

    • Pull the speaker phone cover straight up.

    • Remove the red and white wires from the rubber casing rim.

    • Lift out the speaker and set it away from the tray that holds it.

    • Then remove the black plastic tray at the bottom by lifting it straight up.

    • Remove the two 8mm Phillips #2 screws.

    • Pull the gray plastic casing away from the circuit board as you remove the clear, curved, plastic piece straight up.

    • There are three clips on the circuit board to un-clip.

    • Unclip both back black clips with your fingertips.

    • Push the middle black clip towards the bottom of the picture with a flathead screwdriver.

    • There's a brown ribbon still attached to the circuit board and phone case, so don't pull the circuit board completely off just yet.

    • Lift the edge of the circuit board over the phone case and slightly up, so the bottom of circuit board can be viewed.

    • Push down each brown clip on either side of the brown metal strip using your fingertip.

    • Detach the circuit board from the brown ribbon.

    • Remove the clear rubber casing.

    • Be careful not to flip over the front phone casing or all of the buttons will fall out.

    • Press the broken button from the front of the phone.

    • Remove the broken button through the back.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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