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Press down on the button located at the bottom of the phone, using the center ridge as a guide.
  • Press down on the button located at the bottom of the phone, using the center ridge as a guide.

  • Pull the phone apart from the bottom, keeping the button pressed down.

  • CAUTION! The plastic opening tool may be used to gain leverage. Some force is required to open.

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Remove the back cover to expose the battery.
  • Remove the back cover to expose the battery.

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  • Place a finger or plastic opening tool in the gap between the battery and the phone.

  • Gently lift the battery out.

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  • Locate the plastic latches on the left and right sides of the phone.

  • Insert the plastic opening tool or a fingernail into each latch and pry them open individually.

  • CAUTION! Some force is required.

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  • Remove the faceplate with the number pad attached.

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  • Turn the faceplate so the number pad faces downward.

  • Lift the number pad out of the faceplate.

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  • Locate the six screws positions along the edges of the motherboard.

  • Unscrew the six screws using the Torx 5 screwdriver (see Introduction for description of a Torx 5 screwdriver).

  • CAUTION! Place the screws in a secure location.

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  • Locate the orange ribbon tape connecting the metal display plate to the motherboard.

  • Lift the black latch attaching the tape to the motherboard.

  • Gently pull the tape out of the latch slot to remove the metal display.

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  • Using the plastic opening tool, gently pry off the motherboard from the plastic shell.

  • CAUTION! When pulling the motherboard out, be careful not to damage the battery under the lower left hand corner of the motherboard.

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  • Gently pull the orange ribbon tape up to remove the display.

  • Replace display screen.

  • Follow the instructions in reverse order to reassemble the phone.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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