This guide will tell you how to replace the RAM in your Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E520.


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  1. Power off computer before the start of these steps.
    • Power off computer before the start of these steps.

    • Close the computer screen.

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  2. Flip the computer so that the back is facing upwards.
    • Flip the computer so that the back is facing upwards.

    • The switch should be located towards the hinge of the laptop near the battery pack and have a lock icon associated with it.

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    • Slide the switch towards the unlocked lock icon.

    • While holding it in the unlocked position, slide the battery towards the hinge.

    • Fully separate the battery pack from the back of the laptop.

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    • Flip over the laptop and position it with the battery being furthest away from you.

    • Remove the four screws on the edges of the T-Shaped plate.

    • Remove the T-Shaped plate from the back of the computer. It should come off easily if all four aforementioned screws are removed.

    • Screw length 6.35 mm, head 3.175 mm

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    • The blue tinted rectangular chips will be located opposite of the hinge.

    • They are stacked on top of one another and the second chip will be found underneath the top one.

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    • You will see two metal thin metal tracks that hold each RAM in place.

    • Using light pressure, press the tracks outward and the RAM should pop up.

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    • A light pull on the RAM should remove it with no issues.

    • Repeat from the second step to the third step to remove the second chip.

    • On reassembly, the RAM may provide some difficulty to put it back in. Be patient and slide the ram back in the metal track and apply pressure to make sure that it is in.

    • Be sure that it is in the track so the pins do not bend.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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