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When a Hard Drive is failing us or we ran out of storage. The proper fix to all those problems are replacing the HDD. if have an exciting back up in the old HDD please relocate it or use it to restore all data to the new HDD.

This Laptop contain a battery that not easily removable and will require opening the device. I will recommend to turn off the laptop disconnect from the power cable and wait 5 minutes before proceeding the repair.

I will advice if you live in a rich ESD environment to use a ESD protection.

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad 330S Hard Drive Replacement, Removing bottom case: passo 1, imagem 1 %32
    • Remove 10 screws as shown in picture.

  2. Lenovo IdeaPad 330S Hard Drive Replacement: passo 2, imagem 1 %32
    • Use a plastic pry tool to open the device by sliding it gently around the laptop

  3. Lenovo IdeaPad 330S Hard Drive Replacement: passo 3, imagem 1 %32
    • Using a spudger gently push the plastic connector to the left in order to disconnect the battery.

  4. Lenovo IdeaPad 330S Hard Drive Replacement: passo 4, imagem 1 %32
    • Remove the screws as shown in picure make sure to replace to 2.5 philips when opening the screw in yellow mark.

    • Remove the black heat shield.

  5. Lenovo IdeaPad 330S Hard Drive Replacement: passo 5, imagem 1 %32
    • Remove the two screws as Shown in picture.

    • Pull the hard drive gently towards down the laptop

  6. Lenovo IdeaPad 330S Hard Drive Replacement: passo 6, imagem 1 %32
    • Remove the four screws as shown in pictures and remove the drive form the hard drive case.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

I will recommend all screws to seal with thread locker so they will not open.

I chose WD because they will give you the option to download a free copy of Acronics True Image WD edition.

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