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ian mdx

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You forgot to put the speaker grill back on and now so did I. Still thanks for the tutorial.

The speaker grill is glued to the old display and replacements come without the speaker grill. You just need to take it off the old display and put it on the new one.

alex.barborica - Responder


nova 3i i Changed lcd then it’s working well but after that not working I changed other 2 touch not working, what did you think?

AbuAlwaleed - Responder


I have the same issue, did you resolved it?


Colette P -

Same problem,

after replacement it worked fine for a week, then no more touch working. Six month later i have time again trying to rebuild it, worked fine again a day and then no more touch. I clean all the electric contacts, i give up.

sylvain beaufils -

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