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Since I couldn't find a single guide or even a teardown of Huawei G6, I decided to just try it on my own. I have occasionally dabbled with screen replacements but never before without a guide...

So, here it is - a novice-made guide to replacing the front panel of Huawei Ascend G6!

If you have any decent pictures for the process, do add them, as mine are not that good, or contact me. Also, don't take everything presented in this guide at face value - use common sense and enough time.


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  1. Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement, Display Assembly: passo 1, imagem 1 %32 Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement, Display Assembly: passo 1, imagem 2 %32
    • If your display is badly cracked, it is recommended to apply tape to keep the shards of glass contained. It will also help using a suction cup later on in the process.

    Hey, first of all, much thanks for writing down this guide. I have a problem with the same phone. i bought an original front panel and replaced it following this guide. now that i exchanged the panel, the phone turns on, but the touchscreen doesnt work. I tried it 3 times now, looked for something i forgot, but its all done. it just doesnt react if i touch the display after turning the phone on. can u give me some advices or help me? im so down.. thanks in advance.

    and sorry for my bad english.

    salvadordani - Responder

    I have the same problem. My touchscreen doesn't work after replacing the front panel. However it does react a little bit. I can shut down my phone, for that part my touchscreen is working. Not perfectly, it's slow and it doesn't react at all on the right side. How did you solve this problem?

    rinkedewilde -

    I have same problem, did you solve it?

    Andrey Lunyov -

    SOLUTION: Transfer yellow kapton tape from the touchscreen flex from the old display to the new touchscreen flex. Otherwise the flex makes contact with motherboard and touchscreen doesnt respond. BAZINGAAA!

    Maxim Trofimov - Responder

    Can you post a photo please?

    George Katsogiannos -

  2. Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 2, imagem 1 %32
    • Turn off your device and remove the SIM-card. Unscrew all of the ten screws on the back of the phone.

    • Don't worry about mixing up the screws as they are all identical. Even the 11th and final screw you'll be unscrewing is identical to the ones on the back cover.

    • The screw pointed out in the picture is covered by the warranty seal, which is a small black sticker. Remove the seal, and if you want, replace it when reassembling the phone.

  3. Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 3, imagem 1 %32
    • Insert a spudger between the aluminium back cover and the front panel and pry the back cover loose.

    • Move around the phone with the spudger. You will hear clicks as you proceed detacting the clips around the phone.

  4. Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 4, imagem 1 %32 Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 4, imagem 2 %32 Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 4, imagem 3 %32
    • To remove the motherboard, start off by undoing the battery flex cable to avoid any possible short circuits when undoing the rest of the flex cables.

    • Carefully pry loose the camera flex cable and the camera should then come off easily.

    • Undo the five remaining flex cables from the motherboard.

    • Unscrew the screw holding down the motherboard at the bottom near the USB-port.

    • The motherboard can now be carefully lifted up, but don't let any of the flex cables get stuck to it to prevent any possible damage to the flex cables or the motherboard.

  5. Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 5, imagem 1 %32
    • The battery is held down with two small pieces of double-sided tape. Just casefully pry under it and it should come off easily.

  6. Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 6, imagem 1 %32
    • Remember to peel up the digitizer flex cable, as it is glued to the proximity sensor, and might cause damage when removing the front panel, should you forget it.

    • The flex cable is held down with a bit of adhesive, just use your spudger to carefully peel it up.

  7. Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 7, imagem 1 %32 Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 7, imagem 2 %32 Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 7, imagem 3 %32
    • Using a heat gun or a hairdryer heat up the front of the phone a bit to soften the glue on the double sided tape. You might need to heat up the front several times in the process.

    • Do not heat up the glass too much as you might cause some damage under the front panel, even though most of the most heat-sensitive parts have been removed. If it's too hot to touch, you have heated the glass too much.

    • This process will likely ruin the rest of the screen, but if you're careful, and possibly first remove the glass pieces with a razor while reheating the glass frequently, it is possible to save the LCD and digitizer for front glass replacement.

    • Go around the edges with the razor blade, separating the glass and with it the LCD and digitizer off the frame. Using a suction cup might help a little. Remember to help the flex cables fit out of their gaps.

  8. Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 8, imagem 1 %32 Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 8, imagem 2 %32
    • Remove all of the old double-sided tape and with it any remaining pieces of glass. Apply a new layer of double-sided tape to the frame, remembering to keep the front facing camera and the proximity sensor unobstructed.

    • Remove the front speaker protective grill from the old screen assembly and make sure to place it in your new part.

    • You will not need to remove anything else from the old front panel assembly.

    • Remove the protective cover and fit the new front panel into place, routing the flex cables through the gaps, making sure they are not bent or stuck in any way.

    • When reassembling, to prevent problems with the touchscreen, add a piece of tape on the digitizer cable. This prevents the digitizer flex from making contact with the motherboard. (Thanks to Maxim Trofimov for this tip)

  9. Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 9, imagem 1 %32 Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 9, imagem 2 %32
    • You can now follow the instructions in reverse order to reassemble the phone. After clipping down all seven of the flex cables you can turn on the phone to check that everything works.

    • You can also take time to clean dust off the insides of the phone with a can of compressed air and if necessary, clean the camera lens with isoprophyl alcohol and a cotton swab.

  10. Huawei Ascend G6 Front Panel Replacement: passo 10, imagem 1 %32
    • Finished!


To reassemble your device, follow the instructions in steps 1-6 reverse order.

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i have only bought the glass lens, can i just follow the same steps?

Alem - Responder

Yes, the procedure to remove the screen assembly is the same, you will just have to use a heat gun or a hot plate and some cutting wire to separate the old glass lens. Then glue the new glass into place with some LOCA, or OCA, etc.. I remommend watching a couple videos of the procedure for other screens like say, P6, on youtube before attempting it, as replacing the front glass digitizer can be difficult and the LCD can crack very easily. Using a heat plate makes it easier, but still, if it's your first digitizer replacement, it can be difficult. Best of luck.

Antti Immonen -

It's really difficult to remove the battery. There aren't just é small pieces of tape, its like its glued down entirely

Ben - Responder

Where did you buy the replacement screen? I found some on Ebay (mostly from china) and they are around 30$. I have my doubts about the quality (of the display aswel as the glass) because of the low price, or do you think it will be (almost) the same as the original and nothing to worry about?

David - Responder

Here is the part that's installed in the guide. The cheaper screens don't usually have very good anti-fingerprint coating, so I would recommend getting a quality screen protector to go with the cheaper screen.

Antti Immonen -

But in terms of pixel density, brightness and viewing angles you would say it is the same? And also touch sensitivity?


David -

Usually it is close enough, but of course there are differences. This screen was relatively good quality, though.

Antti Immonen -

I need to replace only the LCD. Thanks for your tech-guide.

On pass 7 you say :"This process will likely ruin the rest of the screen, but if you're careful, and possibly first remove the glass pieces with a razor while reheating the glass frequently, it is possible to save the LCD and digitizer for front glass replacement", so do you think I can reuse my digitizer(with its glass)? Or better, Is really possible to remove and reuse a digitizer? If yes, any suggestion to accomplish "safely" this task? Thanks.

Alexis - Responder

It is possible to reuse the digitizer glass, but removing it can be quite difficult without previous experience and proper tools (heat plate, cutting wire). You're probably better off just buying the replacement assembly, as it is much easier to replace and not expensive at all. You'd probably save around 10 bucks but it will likely take you 2+ hours, and with no quarantee on succeeding.

I'm not entirely sure as for how the procedure would go, but I think the first step would be to remove the screen assembly as shown in the guide, but with even more care. Get a blade in between and helping with the suction cup pry the screen off, without going too deep with the blade. It's very easy at this point to accidentally stick the blade into the digitizer and make it unresponsive, or bend it too much.

If you manage to get the screen off the frame intact, you can then proceed with the heat plate to separate the parts and then finally clean the part you're reusing, and glue it using LOCA (or similar) to the new LCD.

Antti Immonen -

hi were can I get a LCD and frame please help

ibrahim mohammed - Responder

Does anyone have an idea on the size of the 11 internal screws?

I started removing the old and broken screen a month ago, then put the phone aside until the replacement screen arrived.

This proved a too long time to watch over a set of screws :/

rens0 - Responder

I no longer have this device, but I believe there is no harm in trying out various small screws from other cellphones. Since there is no hazard of causing long screw damage, you can just try and see which ones fit. And you don't really need all 11 to assemble the device, maybe like 5 will do. Ordering screws online is another, but in my opinion overly complicated option. A drop of epoxy can also work wonders for keeping the phone in one piece. Just use common sense, IMO. Good luck.

Antti Immonen - Responder

thanks man! worked like a charm. I had some small issues with the speaker grill that had nothing to keep him in place, and was messing around.

Battery also glued in 2 small places, easy to go down. My screen was not glued in the middle of it, only on the edges, with more on top.

Great! very happy to finish it by myself, with your help!

Alexandru Grosu - Responder

Thanks! I followed the guide until step 5 and reverse to replace the motherboard and it worked perfectly fine.

LUIGI - Responder

Well I guess it’s over for this phone then, searching on ebay I couldn’t find any screen assemblies for it, & the link Antti gave is null now.

I’ve got the Kestrel EE (aka Huawei G535 L11,  which is apparently the same, or at least very similar to the G6 apart from the camera & maybe the RAM quantity). I dropped it a few months & the screen completely shattered :(, fortunately it still works, but it looks like I’ll have to replace it. But if anyone can find a source of screens for this phone then by all means LMK! :)

Oh, & to Antti, thanks for a great guide & taking the time & risk for making it! :)

Mark Dorling - Responder

Hey Mark,

Thanks for your kind words, however it is my pleasure to make these guides, especially when I get to hear your experiences with the repairs.

It indeed seems like you’re working with a device that is mostly obsolete, but there’s still a chance of replacing the digitizer. While challenging and more risky to replace, I believe it could be worth trying for the sake of adventure (provided you no longer actually use it)

The replacement digitizer is still sourced at least on ali:

The process is the same for removing the screen assembly, after which you can use a heat gun or a hot plate to heat up the screen (60-80 degC, tape the shattered glass for protection) and use a molybdenum wire or a razor with playing cards to remove the screen. It is very tedious work, if you haven’t done it before, and I highly recommend watching a guide for it. And the gluing is also its own world. Just have realistic expectations… It can be very much fun, and very educative. Good luck!


Antti Immonen -

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