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First of all Lets do a Restore point just in case.

Goto desktop > my computer > right click > properties

Then goto System Protection

under configure you should press on create. (This will ensure nothing goes wrong). Set a Friendly name like "Previous status to Installing Win 7 Drivers for wifi"

and hit create. Once it has finished proceed.

( Warning: This guide is just useful on the case the computer refuses to work with windows 10 drivers. I have tested it on a lenovo g475 laptop PC)

Open Google Chrome

Goto lenovo support and download the drivers for

WIFI on your machine FOR windows "7" from the official manufacturer website: Example , i went to https://www.lenovo.com/ar/es/.

Save it in a safe place like the desktop and remember the filename.

On such file press right click of mouse then properties.

Later you should go to compatibility

In the tab Compatibility mode select run this program in compatibility mode for windows 7 and select run this program as Administrator.

Click OK.

Once you have the right drivers for your Notebook lets uninstall the drivers provided by windows 10 (I had Broadcom drivers).

On windows 10 desktop press windows key + x

Goto Device Manager

Find The Wifi adapter you are using now.

Do a right click on the adapter

(Warning Please make sure you have the proper drivers for your machine Downloaded earlier or else you could end up without an internet connection after all)

Select Uninstall

and tick delete the software driver for this device.

If it prompts you to restart just cancel.

Finally goto the desktop or where you have downloaded the file.

Right click and select Run As Administrator

Follow the guidelines.

And now wifi on your lenovo G475 should work as expected.

If something doesn't work as expected we will roll back to where we were when started. Restart the machine. press windows+r and enter rstrui and click enter. Select the restore point used previously.

hit enter and everything would be back to how it was.

I hope for someone it is usefull.

I haven't tested this procedure on another machines. but it may work.



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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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