Gpedit is like regedit except gpedit is only for windows 10 Pro

  1. Group policy editor (gpedit.msc) is a much simpler version of regedit, or registry editor.
    • Group policy editor (gpedit.msc) is a much simpler version of regedit, or registry editor.

    • As you can see, on windows 10 home, Group Policy Editor is not a feature on the home edition.

    • Minecraft is also fun.

    I love Minecraft!!

    Padraic Hoselton - Responder

  2. go to

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    • double click this file

      • If prompted, type in an admin password and click yes. (password may not be required with some settings)

    • And hit next.

    • And hit install.

      • This is the last point to decide whether or not you know what you're doing!

      • It is normal for CMD to open and do some stuff. during the install.

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    • Attempt 2, try not to delete the screenshot this time, Aiden.

    • Click Finish to finish.

    • The program should be under C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and named gpedit.msc

    • Windows 10 home has the gpedit.msc already built in, but unusable. the one we downloaded is usable.

    • And done!

    • If you don't know what your doing with gpedit, Don't mess with it. gpedit controls functions of the computer like program permissions, drivers, windows recovery, windows update, logon/logoff scripts, and system and user accounts.

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To remove gpedit, uninstall gpedt.msc 1.0 from control panel>programs and features.

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What is gpedit exactly and what’s it do?

Padraic Hoselton - Responder

It’s mainly used for easier management of computers for IT professionals. I find it much easier than regedit (not worrying about getting BSOD), but much more limiting. It can also block certain features. So especially useful for schools to block control panel and programs they dont want students using.

Aiden Baker - Responder

Oh! Makes sense. The computers at my library must have it cause I can’t open control panel on some of them. its crazy what computer specs they have: quad core i7 16gb ram and 250gb SSD running windows 7 pro!

Padraic Hoselton -

My schools computer labs have PCs built for windows 8.1! (running windows 7 EDU)

Aiden Baker - Responder

Haha. I used to think windows was crap but now I like it. I thought it was crap cause all the computers running it were slow.

Padraic Hoselton -

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