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  1. Press and hold all three buttons on the Ionic until you see the Fitbit logo.
    • Press and hold all three buttons on the Ionic until you see the Fitbit logo.

    • You may notice your screen flash to black for a brief second. Continue to hold all three buttons.

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More than likely your ionic will brick itself if you do a factory reset, mine did.

gregory_91 - Responder

This guide does not show how to do a factory reset but rather shows how to force the device to restart.

Carlos Oulman -

Thank you for this. I accidentally discovered this. It took 8 hours to not get this suggestion from Fitbit support.

Natasha ten Krooden - Responder

Thanks Carlos. My main screen was black this morning. I could swipe to other screens, and found instructions about powering down using the Settings etc, but Settings just stayed on Settings for me, so I had to find some way of using the buttons to restart. I found this! It worked for me. Back to normal after restart.

coopergraham5 - Responder

I had a blank screen and was able to swipe and see other screens. This reset fixed the problem thanks

David Coull - Responder

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