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This tutorial will use how to enter DFU Mode if in case your iPod Classic needs to be restored. And how to restore iPod properly.

  1. How to enter DFU mode and restore iPod, Hold the Menu and the Center button.: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Hold the menu and the center button for about 8 seconds until you see the Apple logo. Keep holding the buttons until the Apple logo disappears.

    • Don't hold the buttons with too much pressure. If you press too forcefully, you risk breaking the buttons and preventing them from working.

    • Open iTunes. Connect your iPod Classic to computer and click continue. When you see the recovery message, click OK.

    • Click on "Restore iPod" and wait until it finishes the restore process.


After you restore, just sync your music, video or games into your iPod and enjoy. If it dosen’t work, try repeat again this guide.

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