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  1. There are many models but few differences.
    • There are many models but few differences.

    • Most model changes had case differences but the only difference i saw in the components was whether the speakers were soldered in or plugged it and a small change in placement of capacitors.

    • Inspect your motherboard as much as you can before removing it. Get a game plan. The issue is generally obvious.

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  2. Most flip 3s suffer from one of these issues:
    • Most flip 3s suffer from one of these issues:

      • Its USB port was damaged by a drunkard who didn't care to check what way he was inserting the cable. It actually is delicate though so I shouldn't complain too much.

      • The battery has gone bad. Most of the time the battery expands and presses the case into the buttons making it turn on but be unable to turn off or use buttons. The best way to check is to try to use the buttons. If any are not working it is a probable issue. Often the case becomes curved slightly.

      • It was dropped. Often an inductor breaks off. Sometimes it doesn't break off all the way but you would need to solder it back on. Its actually quite easy. The sign that this happened is everything looks good but there is no sound.

      • The flip 3 charges but does not turn on. An expanding battery or a drop led to the small white ribbon getting ripped by the battery. This took me a while to diagnose as the ripped point was right on the exit hole to the control module under the motherboard.

      • I have seen various issues relating to forever charging, control issues, the flip 3 turns on but won't turn off. There is a little chip next to the battery connection and is almost always the culprit. Sometimes a trace is burned, sometimes everything looks good. I believe that chip deals with power on states.

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    • USB: I suggest to replace the module instead of trying to replace the port. Its quite hard. Small pins delicate pads close plastic. Good luck.

    • Battery: Get a new one. Its not too hard to replace the battery. Just don't pull the connector. Use a flathead screwdriver to brace the plastic part the connector is connected to else it could come off the motherboard. You have to dig out glue to get the connector out but just go slow and avoid putting too much pressure on the cable.

    • Inductor: Solder on the component "1R5" its not hard if you use flux but don't hit the nearby pieces! I think I spent 30 seconds soldering this but 30 minutes getting to it!

    • Ribbon: Replace the ribbon. You have to remove the motherboard so most of the risk is getting to the ribbon. Sometimes the connectors have glue other times they don't. Spend the extra time thinking it through before you act!

    • Microcontroller: Kiss it goodbye. Im stockpiling these boards until I get a hot air station. If you can get that replaced with a soldering iron, your my hero! I do know there are people who can do it but I'd rather not wreck lots of them to know I need the right tool.

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Work slowly and think it out. The chances of getting it fixed go up if you don't break it in the process of repairing it!

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Tyler Freeman

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I have a flip 3 that will not put out sound. It worked twice after I bought it. Now I get no sound when turning it on or from my bluetooth device. When I turn it on I get a faint click sound, but nothing else.

I checked the indoor & it's not loose or damaged. I'm at a loss what the issue is.

Any ideas?

weAve - Responder

I'd put my money on a chip failure. I click to me suggests that it is preparing to work and is interrupted. If all the solder joints are good and no damage is seen then an inline capacitor tester is a good thing to check caps.

We really need a board diagram with voltage test points to properly diagnose these.

Tyler Freeman -

My flip3 fell on the floor once and the buttons and leds stopped working.

I found out that the ribbon was completed severed. So weird. No idea how it could have happened.

Where can I find a new ribbon? Looks pretty special at about 240mm long with 13pins.

Phil Chien - Responder

I have a few.

EBay is a good resource. Flip 3s are a commonly repaired item.

Tyler Freeman -

I have a problem it started making hissing and crakling sounds

Bosko - Responder

I dipped my flip 3 into a tub for few minutes it worked well for few days but after few days it started to malfunctioning it turns on and of by itself the Bluetooth connection with my phone doesn't lasts for a minutes so please help me

Robert junior - Responder

I believe some kind of sand or water got into the USB port of my flip 3 and for a while I had to prop up the speaker perfectly with the charger insert placed perfectly and it’d charge but now as of today no matter how I move it around in the USB port my charger will show no signs of charging m. If I turn it on and it makes Bluetooth connection with my phone it turns off instantely due to low battery! please suggest what I should do!

Grace Isenhath - Responder

Looks like the USB port or charger is damaged. Prolly the port from your description. It also could be the internal connections of the port.

Replace the module. I have a few left.


Tyler Freeman - Responder

My grandson was trying to help me by plugging the USB cord into the port on the speaker. I'm almost certain he bent the thin metal price inside the port. Please help save this as it also has sentimental value! My grandson cut his teeth on it & he's a very special Angel born at just 26weeks gestation to a very scared 17hr old soon to be mom. Being born so early & having to fight to beat all the odds of surviving. He's now a PERFECT almost (Nov 17) 3yr old healthy, energetic,exceptionally smart & handsome little man!! Thank you

trishacampbell74 -

Se me ha caido y no suena. Las luces andan. ¿Cual es el problema?

Agustin - Responder

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