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Before taking any more drastic measures, you should try simply cleaning a misbehaving scrollball from outside the mouse.


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  1. Before you continue, turn off the mouse using the slide switch underneath the mouse.
    • Before you continue, turn off the mouse using the slide switch underneath the mouse.

    • Before disassembling the mouse, first try scrubbing the mouse ball with a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to get the bristles between the ball and the housing as this will help remove dirt and dust that is clogging the rollers inside.

    • You can also try blowing into the "ball hole" with a can of compressed air.


Allow the mouse to dry for a few minutes before turning it back on to test it.

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In order to clean perfectly the scrollball, you can hold the mouse upside down, and roll very quickly the scrollball on a white A4 papersheet (As if you wanted to colour the papersheet with the scrollball). Normally, you'll see some grey stripe of dust on the paper sheet!

Ludal - Responder

Wow - Ludal's advice actually worked! I'm amazed. Paper -- just a plain sheet of paper.

Marvin Miller -

I can't believe I just found this post in 2015, gotta say thank you for saving $53 bucks!

Junior Harrison -

I actually did both things but I used one of those wipes for eyeglasses which have alcohol in them after rubbing it on paper. Worked great.

Brian Kemian -

Thanks a loit. Even in 2020 it helped ;-)

Robert Reichel -

Amazing, after months of frustration - rub for 5 mins on a plain sheet of paper - working perfectly. Thanks

Shay Kennedy - Responder

Yeah, props to the author for the thorough cleaning recommendation, but that paper trick is great!

Mike - Responder

Yes! This paper trick works perfectly! Amazing.

Keith Wallace - Responder

GREAT!!!! The paper trick was really really great!!!!!

oikia0 - Responder

Just to say it, the alcohol worked perfectly. Presumably, most people do not have isopropyl alcohol laying around so the paper trick is preferred—i.e., do not use rubbing alcohol.

Jamil Jonna - Responder

Paper trick works perfectly. Last time cleaning a ball on the mouse is when the ball is under the mouse, not on top.

Sharul Hafiz - Responder

Hi! I would reccomend to everyone to try instead of normal paper sheet sticky roller paper, like the one used for cleaning lint on your clothes!!! It is magic! But still, if is too much dirt inside, you must take it apart!

Florin Lupașcu - Responder

I can’t believe it. Just a plain sheet of paper. Great tip!!!

El Pa - Responder

Thanks from the year 2020! I love the Mighty Mouse because my hands are large and cramp up using the Magic Mouse which has a lower profile. The paper trick has given new life to my mouse!

joeybarr82 - Responder

When I used to have to fix these on the regular (having one at home AND having to do the tech support for them at work), just cleaning the ball on the outside was never enough, and I needed to reach inside to clean the rollers underneath the ball. I tried all sorts of things but found the best “tool” for the job was a plastic fork with the outside tine flattened (yes, I used my mouth to bite it flat). It was thin & flexible enough to wrap around and fit between the ball & the rollers but firm enough to actually be able to scrape the gunk off of the rollers.

I hope this helps! (Gotta admit, I prefer this mouse to the Magic Mouse.)

Cable Flame - Responder

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