New user? Maybe you cannot figure out how to ask a question? well, I'm here to help!


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  1. So, Welcome to iFixit! you can do repairs yourself, look at devices being disassembled and ask questions.
    • So, Welcome to iFixit! you can do repairs yourself, look at devices being disassembled and ask questions.

    • Today, We're focusing on asking a question, the heart of iFixit.

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  2. To ask a question, Scroll down until you see: Answers Forum
    • To ask a question, Scroll down until you see: Answers Forum

      • Click on it!

    • You will now see everyone else's questions.

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    • Click on Ask a Question

    • Here we are!

    • If you got an answer and it solves your problem, You can use another one of my guides: How To Accept an Answer to learn how!

    • If you aren't sure what to put in your question, I have an extended version of this guide, How to ask a question (EXTENDED)

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    • Now, I'm gonna fill you in on how to ask a great question!

    • First you need to select your device. Let's say... I spilt water on my macbook air early 2014 13 inch.

    • We are met with the device selection box. Hey look! there's our device area! Macs and stuff would be under Mac, while iphones and stuff would be found under phones and so on.

    • Now we are met with more options. This helps narrow down your device. Our device is a Macbook Air, a laptop, so We select laptop.

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    • We get more options, we are closer now! So we select MacBook Air as our device is a macbook air.

    • Almost there! there's the 13 inch!

    • And here's our device. Click!

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    • Now here's our device!

    • Click on choose device.

    • There! we have a device!

    • Now we need a title... hmm lets see. as I said earlier, We spilled water on our mac.

    • Plain, Simple and descriptive title. Perfect!

    • Shown Below that, is questions that have titles similar to yours that already have been solved. before you ask your question, see if a solution in one of the listed questions helps.

    • If none of the listed questions have solutions, Continue asking your question by clicking Continue with my question.

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    • I'm altering the question title putting in do not answer, so that I can show how to do this.

    • Time for a description. Be descriptive! include things like: What have you already tried? What happened? Have you opened it? was it working before the issue? and stuff like that.

      • This is what I put in the description box: I spilled water on my macbook and it is no longer working. I tried putting it in rice and it still is not working. I also tried charging it and that did not help.

      • Press Preview your question.

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    • And Here's our question!

    • Once your done checking your question and want to submit it, Click Submit Question.

    • Eventually you will get an answer!

    • And here's an answer!

      • If the answer solved your problem, You can follow another one of my guides, How To Accept an Answer to accept the answer an reward the person who helped you.

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Now, you wait for someone to help out! Hope you figure it out!

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