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How to Restain Wood

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  1. How to Restain Wood, How to Restain Wood: passo 1, imagem 1 %32
    • Wipe down the wood with a rag or a towel to take clean the wood.

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    • Sand down the wood until you get a soft surface.

    • If your wood is already stained, then sand the wood until it is clear of the old stain.

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    • Wipe down the sanded part with the rag so when you paint on the wood you don't get the brush dirty with dust from the wood.

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    • Paint the wood and make sure to cover all surfaces of the wood.

    • Let it dry and repaint the wood a couple more times to ensure all of the surfaces have been properly coated.


To do this process again just follow these steps again and this process should be done again in 6-7 months

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