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The Motorola Adventure is a cellular device that has a Micro SD card for more memory and for storing useful information valued by the owner. At times, the format of the phone may need to be reset or altered in order to read a new Micro SD card. This guide will prepare those that are witnessing this error, and inform them how to further eliminate this issue.

    • Go to the main screen on the device and press the Center Select Key (OK), and select Menu to open the menu. This will format the SD card to make it recognizable by the device.

    • In the menu options, use the Navigation Key to scroll to Settings & Tools. Press the Center Select Key (OK) to select this option.

    • Use the Navigation Key to scroll to Memory. Press the Center Select Key (OK) to select this option.

    • Select Phone Memory (or Card Memory on differing models) by pressing the Center Select Key (OK).

    • If selected Phone Memory in the previous step, select Phone Memory Usage. If you selected Card Memory, select Card Memory Usage and Format Card.

    • Select any of the following folders to store their files on the SD card: My Pictures, My Videos, My Music, or My Sounds. To select the folder, press the Center Select key (OK).

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