If the vacuum is malfunctioning, water will be fed into the air pump causing it to rust and seize.

  1. Before beginning the repair, turn off and unplug the brewer from any power source.
    • Before beginning the repair, turn off and unplug the brewer from any power source.

    • Move the brewer so that the bottom is easily accessible.

    • Unscrew the five 4mm silver diagrammed screws using a #2 Philips Head screwdriver.

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  2. Using a spudger, gently pry open the base metal plate from the brewer.
    • Using a spudger, gently pry open the base metal plate from the brewer.

    • Gently place the base of the brewer down.

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    • Locate the vacuum apparatus within the Keurig B70 Platinum.

    • Using a #00 Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the three 15 mm black screws diagrammed.

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    • Using a spudger, lift the white piece of the vacuum away from the black membrane.

    • Realign the circular pieces of the membrane so that the circles lie flush inside the black membrane apparatus.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thank you for this, it saved me from having to purchase a new Keurig. My Keurig was not pushing water out for a cup of coffee. I tried the paperclip in the needle, which didn't work. Thanks again!!!!!

gleasonme - Responder

I cant get the little screws off of the vacuum. I broke 3 screwdrivers. Could they be glued?

Christina Garrity - Responder

After you take the white piece of the vaccuum pump off, you will see the black rubber diaphragm just below. DO NOT REMOVE the black rubber diaphragm. It is not necessary to remove this piece, and it will NOT BE POSSIBLE to re-assemble the pump after you remove it. Just clear any obstructions and put the white piece with the tube back on.

I removed the black diaphragm before I realized what it was, and now my Keurig K75 Platinum ($) is heading to the landfill. Hopefully this will prevent somebody else from making that same mistake.

John - Responder

Dang... didn't expect it to work... but it did!!

kimmpowers2004 - Responder

This worked for me. When i took off the white piece 2 of the 3 little rubbery, indented pieces were recessed and one was popped out a bit. I pushed them all in and it seemingly fixed the problem. I ran it about three times so far and it is working properly so hopefully it stays working for a while.

rsivisoulivi - Responder

Thank you so much! Tried everything, this fixed it! Gently pushed in on the rubber diaphragm round heads several times until I felt a release. It felt stuck. Freed those floating rubber heads on the diaphragm put it back together and it works like new! Thanks again!

ronpow53 - Responder

This worked for us as well. Quick fix and we were about on the way to purchase another! Thanks for the help. JLW 12/05/2015

Jim Waldo - Responder

I tried this on my B70 and it worked!! Honestly didn't think it would, as it seemed everything was lined up. I moved the three circular membrane pieces around, they seem to pivot on a center point. After moving each one up/down several times I buttoned it up and tried it out. Thank you

Jesus - Responder

This actually worked? You don't need a spudger, letter opener worked for me.

Chris - 2/16/16

Chris Bryah - Responder

I tried the paperclip to clear the needle with no luck. I disassembled the machine as illustrated, removed the 3 screws, and made sure all these lil black diaphragms were free and flush. Reassembled, and BAM, still doesn't work. Off to Bed Bath and Beyond. Very disappoint this only lasted 1 year and a half.

jsstrob - Responder

i cant get the screws off are they glued on? %#*@!

Hollie J Linnear - Responder

Try tightening the three screws just a bit before loosening them. Also I had to apply extra pressure to get the screwdriver to stay engaged in the head of the screw. I put the Kurig against the back of the countertop to keep it from sliding and get enough pressure on the screwdriver. Hope this helps.

Robert Dhein -

The three smaller screws were a little stuck at first. Make sure you have the correct screwdriver. Also you can try tightening just a bit before loosening them. It breaks the thread lock on the screws. Great instructions, I was able to fix my machine in under 10 minutes.

Robert Dhein - Responder

I love the internet. My dad was throwing out his machine, claims to have tried everything possible to make it work. I took it home and my first search hit this site. Grabbed multi bit driver and followed through instructions using #2 for the 5 main screws then the #1 for 3 little black screws. Everything worked, and now my trailer gets a Keurig. Thanks for this!

Mike - Responder

Bravo Sir, worked perfectly! Thank you!

guy junkmail - Responder

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