1. Slide the battery release latch towards you.
    • Slide the battery release latch towards you.

  2. Pull up on the battery to remove it.
    • Pull up on the battery to remove it.

    • Unscrew the four 8mm Philips screws marked with an icon resembling a stacks of discs.

    • Lift the cover from the right to remove it.

    • Use tweezers to detach the grey and black cables connected to the green WiFi card.

    • Remove the two 8mm Philips screws marked “K” on the bottom of the laptop.

    • Flip the laptop over and open the screen.

    • Push up on the four latches located at the top of the keyboard with the spudger to release them.

    • Lift the keyboard carefully because it is attached to the motherboard by a ribbon cable.

    • Lift the top of the keyboard towards you. Then, while keeping the keyboard at an angle, lift it towards the display.

    • Rotate the keyboard so that the bottom is visible.

    • With the keyboard lifted, locate the blue-striped tab on the underside of the black ribbon cable.

    • Pull the tab towards you to release the keyboard from the laptop.

    • Place the laptop face-down and rotate it 180 degrees so the vents are facing you.

    • Remove the five 8mm Philips screws. Three are on the black base and two are near the hinges.

    • Flip the laptop over.

    • Fully open the laptop.

    • Rotate it so the display is on your right and the keyboard is on your left.

    • Lift the switch cover firmly but slowly so you do not snap it.

    • Lift the switch cover carefully from one end while sliding the spudger between the switch cover and the laptop to separate them.

    • The switch cover should easily separate from the laptop as you run the spudger through.

    • Close the lid and rotate the laptop so that the vents are facing you.

    • Unscrew the two 8mm Philips screws below the hinges.

    • Carefully rotate the laptop 90 degrees counter-clockwise and open the screen.

    • Pull on the black tab with the HP service sticker to unplug the display from the motherboard.

    • Using tweezers, remove the black cable from the hole leading to the WiFi enclosure.

    • Pull gently to remove the black and grey cables from the case.

    • Check the surface beneath the laptop to ensure the cables do not catch on anything when you flip the laptop over.

    • Using tweezers, pull the black cable towards the display and through the hole in the casing.

    • Unscrew the two 8mm Philips screws that attach the hinge to the laptop's display.

    • Lift the screen upwards to detach it from the laptop.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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As a first timer to this particular task, but with many years experience with PC hardware, the only suggestion I would make is changing the completion time from 15 minutes to 45-60 minutes.

That’s a tad more realistic for someone so unfamiliar with this particular type of job/notebook model that they had to look it up here to see how to do it.

15 minutes sounds like someone who has actually done it dozens of times before, and, hence, would not be seeking help here. A first timer would be wise to take more time and caution, certainly more than 15 minutes. Other than that, this is a great guide to replacing the zd8000 screen.

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