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Preparing Migrating HDD to SSD

Now: Toshiba HDD 1000 GB

New: SanDisk SSD 960 GB

yes, the new drive is 40 GB smaller than the current drive

Connect SSD to PC with SATA to USB interface; best: use external power supply

Initialize new disk in Disk Management using (default) GPT

CloneZilla does not support cloning to smaller drives

AOMEI Backupper provides this, offers even HDD to SSD option

Start Cloning HDD to SSD (preferred: reboot first, no other Apps open)

Getting ready to Replacing HDD to SSD

Unfortunately, this HP Pavilion does not have “service doors” for disk or memory replacement

The keyboard panel has to be lifted to access the disk compartment

For that quite a handful screws need to be removed from the bottom

You’ll need:

Philips screw driver for small heads

one-millimeter flathead screwdriver

a sturdy plastic card.

Turn off the Notebook and disconnect external power supply

Flip the Notebook upside down

Remove battery pack, sliding the two locks to the inside.

Remove screws,,,

HDD to SSD migration on HP Pavilion 15-AB063CL Notebook


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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