Use this guide to replace a dead hard drive.

Use Latch on the left to unlock the battery
  • Use Latch on the left to unlock the battery

  • Use Latch on the right to eject the battery

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Remove case screws
  • Remove case screws

    • Ten 8mm Phillips #1

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  • Use prying tool to remove optical drive

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  • Use Uspudger to remove left and right rubber feet

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  • Remove the screws located beneath both rubber feet.

    • Two 8mm Phillips #1

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  • Use the prying tool to remove the bottom case.

    • Careful to not damage the clips that hold the bottom case on.

    • I found it easier to start on the opposite side of the hinges.

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  • Remove screws securing the hard drive bracket

    • Three 3mm Phillips #0

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  • Use spudger to loosen the SATA connector then disconnect the cable and remove the hard drive.

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  • Remove bracket screws from the hard drive.

    • Four 3mm Phillips #1

    • Make sure, when reassembling, to orient the hard drive correctly in the brackets.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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