The G&G m-14 is actually quite different than the Tokyo Marui m-14 but in many ways this actually makes it MORE compatible with after market parts and upgrades, and it's much easier to disassemble.

The G&G m-14 takes the same barrels as v2 v3 AEG unlike the marui that requires a unique slotted barrel. The G&G also takes standard v2/v3 gears unlike the marui m-14 that once again take model specific gears. These differences are being stated because there is often confusion where people are told to purchase m-14 specific gears and barrels when they can just use and standard parts that are normally referred to as "Marui compatible". Basically what I am trying to say is that the G&G m14 is more "Tokyo Marui compatible" as we have come to know it then the actual Marui m-14. It's a good thing!

  1. The first step as with most AEG's is cyle the AEG on semi-auto twice to set the piston in the rest position and clear the chamber of any bb's.
    • The first step as with most AEG's is cyle the AEG on semi-auto twice to set the piston in the rest position and clear the chamber of any bb's.

    • Then Remove the battery and keep the back hatch open.

  2. To begin the disassembly put the safety to the safe position.
    • To begin the disassembly put the safety to the safe position.

    • This will allow you to pull on the back of the trigger guard as shown and hinge the the trigger guard out ward.

    • Next pull downward on the entire trigger mechanism as it will come straight out.

    • The cool part about this step is it's exactly like the real firearm and it serves the exact same function.

    • You can start removing the upper receiver from the body.

    • Just start pushing the receiver in a upward and forward direction as shown.

    • Make sure the wiring coming out does not get snagged on anything.

    • With the receiver completely out of the body you can begin separating the barrel from the rest of the receiver.

    • First remove the spring guide piece for the bolt pressing it forward and then pull it out.

    • Now remove the 2 large 3mm hex bolts.

    • With the bolts removed you can now pull off the front barrel assembly.

    • With the Barrel section removed the hop-up and the inner barrel can slide right out

    • Now to return the focus to the main receiver section.

    • With the outer barrel off the charging handle should be easy to remove by pulling down from the top rear section as shown.

    • Now the fake bolt can be pulled forward and out of the receiver.

    • The next thing to do is remove the bolt catch. This will give you access to the small screw behind it which is part of the next step.

    • Punch out the the pin with either a thin punch or other appropriate tool. Once the pin is partially sticking out you can grab it with pliers.

    • Careful not to loose track of the spring behind the catch.

    • Now begin to remove the 3 2mm screws found on either side of the receiver.

    • With the screws removed you can now separate the gearbox from the receiver.

    • Start by prying the front section off a little bit. Then slide the gearbox slightly forward and down.

    • You might have adjust the selector as you go if it is being stubborn.

    • Now we break down the gearbox itself.

    • In this step all that is required is to remove the small spring with little hooks on both ends.

    • Once again this spring is also easy to loose, and as the center picture shows there also hard to see.

    • Now you can remove bracket of the gearbox motor.

    • This is held by 4 2mm screws on either side of the bracket.

    • With the screws removed the bracket will slide right off.

    • Now carefully take the wiring out of the of the brackets on the side of the gearbox.

    • Loosening the wiring allow you to put the motor in a better position to be removed.

    • Now take the motor cage and turn it to the angle shown.

    • Then gently pull the motor cage off without damaging the wiring.

    • From this point the motor will be hanging around...

    • Now remove the large pin that goes through the front of the gearbox.

    • Then remove the the large retainer strap at the top.

    • Now remove the 3 2mm hex screws.

    • It is always a good idea to start with the outside screws and then the center one.

    • Now take a thin tool to go into the back hole to prevent the spring guide fromshooting out.

    • You can begin to the pry the two halves of the gearbox apart starting at the back .

    • Once the gearbox is opened up quickly remove the main spring and spring guide so that nothing goes fly away.

    • After this point you can remove the gears. Just as in the other guide try not to misplace the shims unless you want to adjust the shimming yourself.

    • Check out the G&G AEG Shimming Guide Airsoft guide for more shimming info.

    • This step is going to cover some of the unique parts of the G&GM-14.

    • The first part people notice is the unique Anti-reversal latch. This piece can be pulled right out. The spring that is attached is almost identical to those found in version 2/3 gearboxes and functions in the same way.

    • Next part is the selector piece. This part interacts with the selector on the gun and will make your gun go full-auto or semi-auto depending on it's position. if you flip the gearbox over you can actually see how it directly interacts with the cut-off leaver.

    • It should be left alone but just encase it does need replacement there is a screw on the out side allowing it to be removed.

    • Lastly there is the trigger switch. This piece is pressed into place and once the spring is detached from the gearbox post, the switch can be pulled out as shown.

    • Now you have completely broken down a G&G m-14.

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