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Fix Oculus Quest 2 Scratched Lenses

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  1. Fix Oculus Quest 2 Scratched Lenses, Identify the Severity of the Scratch: passo 1, imagem 1 %32
    • First, identify how severe the scratch is. Take a look at the lens when it's turned off, when the screen is on but displaying a black screen, and when it's in-game. Put your finger on the small rectangular sensor between the lenses to turn the screen on without having to put it on completely.

    • If you see equally-spaced circular ridges, don't worry, that's part of the design. The Quest's lenses have multiple layers, with a clear top layer and then the Fresnel (circular ridged) layer underneath.

    • Any damage to the Fresnel layer will require the top layer to be cracked, not scratched. This fix won't help your problem, and you'll likely have to either send it off to the manufacturer under your warranty and hope for the best or buy a replacement headset.

  2. Fix Oculus Quest 2 Scratched Lenses, Choosing your repair fluid: passo 2, imagem 1 %32
    • If it's a surface-level scratch, or scratches, then what you need is plastic watch face repairing fluid.

    • While any brand is fine, this guide uses polyWatch Plastic, which cost £3.88 on Amazon UK. There are varying opinions as to which is the best sort to buy, although for the best repair we'd recommend ones that say they’re either for "polish" or "plastic", rather than "glass".

    • Next, get a microfiber cloth and carefully, but thoroughly clean the lens. The cleaner and more dust-free the surface, the better a repair you'll get.

  3. Fix Oculus Quest 2 Scratched Lenses, Applying polyWatch: passo 4, imagem 1 %32
    • Once this has done, put a small blob (think half of a pea-sized) of the watch face polish onto the lens, and with either a cotton bud or cotton pad, carefully wipe the goop around in circles. Don't just focus on the area with the scratch, make sure you coat the entire lens to ensure an even application.

    • Once you've fully coated it, with another cotton bud or pad, very gently pat down the lens to remove any excess and leave it to sit for a few minutes. If the scratching is deeper, you may want to wait and then repeat the process a couple more times once it dried, but for minor scratches one coating is enough.


This may leave a small blurry after affect, but nothing drastic

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6 comentários

How many times can I use this method on one lens?

Ismail Karadag - Responder

I have lenses scratched by my glasses. Both in the upper middle of the lens. You mention blur... and VR headsets are already blurry. Will using this just cause worse blur so that trying to look through the scratches might be better?

Laurie - Responder

Generally, polyWatch fills in the scratches. PolyWatch is a repair tool for watch scratches so the blur is a side affect. I have not tried using polyWatch on my lenses so don’t take my word for it but from what I know it shouldn't intentionally cause blur.

Mike Haas -

Polywatch polish or polywatch plastic?

Angelo Strino - Responder

Hola, los lentes de mi quest 2 tienen como manchitas medio blanco transparente, puedo solucionarlo con el PolyWatch?, ayúdeme porfavor.

Emanuel - Responder

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