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This guide shows you how to replace the back cover (one-piece) on your Fairphone 2.

Here is the guide to replace the slim case version (two-piece).


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  1. Just peel off the back cover by starting at one of the corners and work your way around. Take off the back cover.
    • Just peel off the back cover by starting at one of the corners and work your way around.

    • Take off the back cover.

    My cover is broken - the rubber is lifting from the hard plastic. What can I do? Where can I purchase replacement cases? Perhaps the iFixit app could affiliate with the parts suppliers and host a link for when parts go missing or broken.

    Osh Gates - Responder

    Thanks for the hint. We added a link to the spare part directly from Fairphone (also for all the other guides and parts). Be aware that Fairphone only ships to European continental countries as stated on their page:

    Tobias Isakeit -

    It wasn’t obvious that the outer rim of the cover alaso need to be unclipped after the back cover was removed.

    Once I did that, everything was easier.

    Stephen Morton - Responder

    It wasn’t obvious that the outer rim of the case also needed to be removed. Once I worked this out, everything was much easier.

    Stephen Morton - Responder

    I am with Stephen Morton. I didn’t understand that there was an independent rim, but once I saw Stephen’s comment, it was quite easy. I think you should add this as a stage in this process.

    M ichael Cross - Responder

    The image is misleading. The black rim and the back cover are two different items and do not come out together. The first to be removed is the back cover, here the transparent item, and then remove the black rim in the opposite direction as the back cover. Please fix the image, as it can be risky to try to do it as shown.

    Domingo Alvarez Mendez - Responder

    I’ll add to what other people are saying, trying to raise the topic for a change. You cannot remove the cover as a whole, it has two pieces that must come separately.

    Aloïs Glibert - Responder

    The above confusion comes from the fact the picture shows the original 1-piece cover with a soft rubber rim, whereas all recent FP2 are sold with the new slim cover that comes in 2 part : first remove the back, then the front part. Hope this helps!

    -> the pictures should be updated as they are not accurate for new users most probably needing the help now

    tonidekohlanta - Responder

    We have a separate guide for replacing the slim case version of the back cover / bumper. You can find it here: Fairphone 2 Slim Case Replacement

    Tobias Isakeit - Responder


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Bonjour, je viens d’avoir pour noel le fairphone2. Je n’arrive pas à ouvrir le téléphone. La coque est ultra rigide, je n’arrive pas à décoller les angles. Les bords sont souples, ils se soulèvent mais impossible de faire bouger un angle.

J’ai peur de tout casser qu’est ce que je peux faire ?

Merci d’avance pour votre aide

Blanchard - Responder

Bonjour, ce tutoriel vous montre comment remplacer la coque arrière (d'une seule pièce) de votre Fairphone 2. D’après ce que vous décrivez, je pense que vous avez peut-être la version coque slim (en deux pièces). Dans ce cas, veuillez utiliser le tutoriel suivant : Fairphone 2 Slim Case Replacement.

Sandra Hiller -

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