Use this guide to replace the Wi-Fi antenna daughterboard in your Fairphone.

  1. There is a small indentation in the side of the phone near the bottom of the back cover.
    • There is a small indentation in the side of the phone near the bottom of the back cover.

    • With the indentation as leverage, use your fingernail to pry the bottom portion of the back cover from the phone.

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  2. Slide the back cover down and remove it from the phone.
    • Slide the back cover down and remove it from the phone.

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    • There is a small indentation in the back of the phone just below the battery.

    • Use a fingernail in this indentation to push the battery toward the top of the phone

    • Pull the battery out away from the phone.

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    • Remove the battery from your Fairphone.

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    • Use your finger to slide the SIM card straight down out of its tray.

    • Remove the SIM card from your Fairphone.

    • Repeat this procedure if you have a second SIM card.

    • Be sure to remove all SIM cards before servicing your phone.

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    • If you have a microSD card, use your finger to slide it straight out of its slot.

    • Remove the microSD card from your phone.

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    • Remove the five 3.9 mm Phillips #000 screws securing the midframe to the display assembly.

    The three upper -next to the SIM blocks- screws are a bit longer that the three others. It is important to keep them like this because if not, they will not tight to the whole.

    Jaime Bosque Torrecilla - Responder

    There are only 5 screws. I see none longer than others.

    Viktor Steiner -

    You're right, I've just done it and it's true. Thanks!

    Aiala -

    • The midframe is secured to the display assembly by several small plastic clips.

    • Use an opening pick to carefully pry the midframe away from the display assembly.

    • Start just below the volume rocker and work your way down toward the bottom of the phone, freeing the plastic clips along the side.

    No need to be TOO careful. Just remove the whole thing, no stress.

    clem - Responder

    Some stupid person put a sticker on the fifth screw. If you can not find the fifth screw, check if there are any BLACK (yes, black) stickers on top of them. Also, which 'designer' made the first design choice for plastic clips? I WILL FIND YOU. AND KILL YOU. *!&*^#% stupidest way to affirm or secure something!

    maggelo - Responder

    It must be done very carefully: I'd broken both white pieces. Hope has no consequences ...

    Aiala - Responder

    You also can start from the interior (white pieces all around batterie place) - Responder

    • Carefully round the corner, separating the midframe from the display assembly.

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    • After rounding the next corner, the midframe should be free along the bottom and the sides.

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    • Run the opening pick and pry along the top seam.

    • To avoid bending or damaging the opening picks, do not pry near to the power switch, USB port, or headphone jack.

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    • Separate any remaining clips and remove the midframe from the phone.

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    • Use the flat end of a spudger to disconnect the antenna cable connector.

    • Be careful to pry on the connector, not the socket.

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    • Use the tip of a spudger to flip open the tab on the daughterboard data cable ZIF connector.

    • Use tweezers to pull the daughterboard data cable away from its socket.

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    • Remove the following screws securing the Wi-Fi daughterboard to the display assembly:

      • Two 2.5 mm Phillips #000 screws

      • One 1.6 mm Phillips #000 screw

    No "1.6 mm Phillips #000 screw" in my phone

    Erik Buelinckx - Responder

    No One 1.6 mm Phillips #000 screw in Ynte's Fairphone.

    Inge - Responder

    no one in mine either

    Koen Go - Responder

    Not in mine either...

    Tijs Dekker - Responder

    My Fairphone is also lacking the orange marked screw.

    Jan Boonen - Responder

    Missing in mine too!

    elizabethnorseng - Responder

    missing screw, too.

    joseph - Responder

    • The Wi-Fi antenna daughterboard is held to the front assembly by mild adhesive.

    • Use tweezers to gently pry the board up and remove it from the phone.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I would suggest to rename the guide to "Fairphone Wi-Fi Antenna and Microphone Daughterboard Replacement", because it is also what you need to do to replace a broken fairphone microphone.

Torsten - Responder

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