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The battery pack of the Dyson v6 Absolute provides 20 minutes of powerful, consistent suction on a 3.5-hour charge. It is easily removed and replaced.

  1. Dyson v6 Absolute Battery Pack Replacement, Bin: passo 1, imagem 1 %32
    • Unplug the device.

  2. Dyson v6 Absolute Battery Pack Replacement: passo 2, imagem 1 %32
    • Push down the red lever located on the outside of the bin, next to the device handle, to open the door to the debris bin.

    • Avoid pressing the trigger on the handle opposite the red lever, which activates the motor.

  3. Dyson v6 Absolute Battery Pack Replacement: passo 3, imagem 1 %32
    • Push the red lever down a second time to release the debris bin.

    • Avoid pressing the trigger on the handle opposite the red lever, which activates the motor.

  4. Dyson v6 Absolute Battery Pack Replacement: passo 4, imagem 1 %32
    • Pull bin away from the cyclone.

    Comment fait on pour enlever la pièce rouge … dans le contenant ?

    Réal Cyr - Responder

  5. Dyson v6 Absolute Battery Pack Replacement, Battery Pack: passo 5, imagem 1 %32
    • Locate the screw on the battery pack.

    • Use a Phillips #2 screwdriver to unscrew the battery pack.

    On a dyson YouTube video, dyson said it was a t10 screw and someone else complained about that they were tamper proof Torx screws?

    philt56 - Responder

    Dyson uses those torqe TR7 or TR8 screws often on the cyclone parts of their vacuum but Phillips on many other parts.

    graydonew -

    On my V6 which is quite old it was a Phillips head screw but definitely smaller than a #2. I don't know the actual size, however. It was also hard not to strip the screw.

    Chris - Responder

    It’s a # 1 Phillips screwdriver, if you have the iFixit board of screws it’s on the top row, or bottom whichever way you look at it and 4th over from the side or the middle one which says #1 above it on the felt black color. I’ve got the Dyson SV06 animal Pro. IF YOU HAVE ONE WITH THE HEPA FILTER ON THE BACK IT Could be a different size but I doubt it.

    graydonew -

  6. Dyson v6 Absolute Battery Pack Replacement: passo 6, imagem 1 %32
    • Locate the screw on the device handle.

    • Use a Phillips #2 screwdriver to remove the screw and release the battery pack.

    Please specify what type of screw is used on the device handle.

    André Le Comte - Responder


    Bob Cook -

    Habe zwei Staubsauger, bei denen sich diese Schraube dreht,aber nicht raus kommt!!!

    Ute Rosner - Responder

    It’s a # 1 screwdriver, a #2 will strip the screw on a Dyson V6.

    graydonew - Responder

  7. Dyson v6 Absolute Battery Pack Replacement: passo 7, imagem 1 %32 Dyson v6 Absolute Battery Pack Replacement: passo 7, imagem 2 %32
    • Pull the battery pack down and away from the device.

    Very helpful. Thank you!

    edwina83 - Responder

    WOW what a great help these instructions were, thank you

    joanofart - Responder

    Amazing, thank you

    Nick Koston - Responder

    Vielen Dank für diese super Anleitung…….?


    Willi Hurtig - Responder

    Vielen vielen Dank für diese klare Anleitung,bin eine 71 jährige Oma und habe es ganz leicht geschafft!

    Helga Herrmann - Responder


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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very good article 10 out of 10

karl thiele - Responder

Nice article. Not too long or too short. Perfect pictures, too.

timlevin - Responder

Great pictures, very straight forward, and I really appreciate you guys taking the time to put this together. I managed to “kill” my Dyson by getting a little over-zealous with the cleaning. I’m going to take it apart, let it dry completely, and hope that a new battery is the only issue. Anyway, your presentation has given me the courage to go forward - may not work, but…..

Meg Olhasque - Responder

Hi, I bought my Dyson v6 for Christmas 2016. My battery only last few seconds at dis stage. It seems a short time for battery needing replacing. Is this normal .

Ellymck - Responder

I had the same problem with my dyson v6 slim. The battery didn't last long on mine either! I was very disappointed especially when you pay $500 for one of these.

Beverley Mingo -

Had the same problem. Before you go to the expense of a new battery, CLEAN THE LONG FILTER that sits on top of the barrel. If it gets clogged, the motor will stop. Wash thoroughly in warm water. All the muck is INSIDE the long filter. Rinse a few times to make sure dirt inside is all gone.

Air-dry for a few hours or with a hairdryer before using again. Don’t use vac while filter is moist… it will turn dust into mortar.

Hope this helps.

Rob -

It's important to keep ALL of the filters clean, or the power will start cycling on and off rapidly……. We got several years of power off of our 1st battery…… GO WSU COUGARS!!!

Bob Cook -

This is the kind of instructions I love. Short and sweet with great pictures.

csern561 - Responder

Fantastic instructions -precise and concise.

Thank you - Responder

Thank you for the excellent instructions!

terissaelmer - Responder

Requires a #1 not #2 screwdriver.

L Ruffer - Responder

Wonderful, simplistic directions. Kudos for posting.

Larry Diamond - Responder

Thank you! Short, helpful, nice pictures, excellent guide!

Whitecat - Responder

Steps 5 and 6, you want a number zero Phillips screwdriver, not a number one or number two.

bhami3 - Responder

Thank you so much, followed the guide and did less than 20 minutes x

Caroline Toes - Responder

Very nicely done Tabitha. Not too long. Not too short. Just right, as the three little bears would say.

Robert Edwards - Responder

Screws are PZ1, not PH2. It’s helpful to know which screwdriver to look for

Keith Gunn - Responder

Thank you so much for great instructions

Lisa Steiner - Responder

When I pulled the battery pack off- a spring fell out… where does this go?

Sherayn Dibley - Responder

Great instruction! Pics were helpful!

ceflore - Responder

I find the screws too tight to undo and because it’s dark, very hard to see. Got correct screwdriver. It’s like they’re welded in.

Traci Goering - Responder

Great instructions with pictures were easy to follow! Thank you!

anita.miyagi77 - Responder

Von was für einer durchschnittlichen Gebrauchsdauer kann bei so einem Akku ausgegangen werden? Wir haben unseren Dyson 2015 gekauft und er hat bis vor ein paar Wochen einwandfrei funktioniert, dann hat er sich von einem tag auf den nächsten nicht mehr einschalten lassen. Weil die LED’s am Akku beim Ladevorgang nicht leuchten ich bin von einem defekten Akku ausgegangen. Dennoch habe ich das Ladekabel aus der Wandhalterung entfernt und den Akku direkt angeschlossen, ohne Ergebnis. Wenn ich den angeschlossenen Akku prüfe liegt immerhin Spannung an, sobald ich aber den Stecker ziehe nicht mehr.

Ich habe es zweimal mit der Kunden-Hotline von versucht und nach jeweils 45 Minuten Tonband entnervt aufgegeben. Die Kunden-Hotline von Dyson dient wohl in erster Linie dazu Kunden abzuwehren. Aufgrund dieser Erfahrung und des allgemeinen Geschäftsgebarens der Firma ist Dyson für mich endgültig gestorben, es gibt genügend andere Anbieter mit guten (oder besseren) Geräten. Unabhängig davon möchte ich ein ansonsten intaktes Gerät aber nicht gleich auf den Müll schmeissen. Wie finde ich also heraus, ob das Problem mit einem neuen Akku gelöst ist oder ob es am Ladegerät liegt?

Rudolf Zihlmann - Responder

I purchased the Abaige 3.8Ah V6 Replacement Battery - Compatible for V6 SV04 on Amazon. It came with no instructions. Having never disassembled my SV-04, it was not at all obvious (to me) how to assess the front screw on the battery. These instructions, along with the photos, were exactly what I needed; clear and accurate. I had the entire job done in less than 15 minutes. Very happy!

Geoffrey Tully - Responder

Echt klasse und einfach nachzumachen ?Realy easy and absolut good to handle?

Patricia Vogel - Responder

Thank you Tabitha.

Excellent and helpful article.

Much quicker than a video.

kind regards,


Stephen - Responder

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