Shows steps of disassembling Samsung SyncMaster 205BW monitor.

  1. Back of the monitor. Remove the two screws at the top of the stand.
    • Back of the monitor. Remove the two screws at the top of the stand.

  2. Stand and monitor body now separated.
    • Stand and monitor body now separated.

    • Front of monitor body. Push on the silver edge to unhook it from the panel.

    • Silver edge cover unlocked. Note that a cable connects to the body. Hold the panel and remove the black cover at the back. You can then disconnect the cable.

    • Silver edge removed and placed under the body with metal back. Black cover removed. The front panel cable connects to the bottom right of the body. Remove it. Remove the metal cover on top right by pulling it slightly on the edge at the top. This allows the two hooks on the slanting edge of the metal bracket to be unhooked.

    • Remove the cover on the right to reveal two cables with four connectors. There is also a connector under the air holes which is now shown above the bracket with words "LVDS". Remove them all to free the metal bracket with the circuit boards from the panel.

    • The metal bracket with circuit boards. The smaller circuit board: * two screws (bottom left, bottom right) * four screw extenders at the sides of the connectors The larger circuit board: * two black screws (bottom left, top middle) * one silver screw with washer that holds a metal strip and circuit board (top left)

    • Circuit board with unfastened screws pointing to the holes they were in.

    • Disassembled pieces.

    • Circuit boards zoomed in.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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