This guide will show how to access and replace the speakers in this laptop. Simple tools are required. Be gentle when removing parts with ribbon cables.

  1. Flip the laptop upside down.
    • Flip the laptop upside down.

    • Locate the battery lock latches.

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  2. Slide both lock latches to the unlocked position.
    • Slide both lock latches to the unlocked position.

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    • Lift the battery up and out of the laptop battery socket.

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    • Remove the 4.5 mm Phillips #0 screw holding the Optical Drive in place.

    • Slide the Optical Drive out of the device.

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    • Remove the two 4.5 mm Phillips #0 screws on the access panel door.

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    • Using a plastic opening tool, pry open the access panel, exposing the disk drive, RAM, and wireless module.

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    • Remove the 2.5 mm Phillips #0 screw securing the hard drive.

    • Slide the hard drive out using the pull tab.

    • Remove the hard drive from the device.

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    • Open the laptop and locate the keyboard.

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    • Locate the 5 keyboard tabs at the side of the keyboard closest to the screen.

    • Using a metal spudger, gently pry the keyboard tabs inwards until they loosened. You should hear a click.

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    • Do not remove the keyboard completely. The ribbon cable underneath, attaching it to the motherboard, must still be detached.

    • Lift the keyboard partially and flip it over.

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    • Detach the ribbon cable from the motherboard by tilting up the black clip, releasing the cable.

    • Gently detach the cable and the keyboard from the laptop.

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    • Remove the five 4.5 mm Phillips #0 screws found under the keyboard.

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    • Do not fully remove the palm rest until the ribbon cable underneath is detached.

    • Using a plastic opening tool, separate the plastic palm rest and partially lift the palm rest from the device.

    • Remove both ends of the ribbon cable. This can be done by flipping up the black tabs securing both ends.

    • Remove the palm rest from the device.

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    • Locate the first speaker.

    • Unplug the speaker cable.

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    • Lift the speaker from the corner.

    • Remove the speaker.

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    • Using the plastic opening tool, gently remove the second speaker.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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