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  1. Dell Chromebook 11 Model P22T LCD screen Replacement, Open the Chromebook (Flat): passo 1, imagem 1 %32
    • Open the chromebook until it is completely flat. The LCD top cover should touch the desk.

  2. Dell Chromebook 11 Model P22T LCD screen Replacement, Remove bezel frame screws and covers: passo 2, imagem 1 %32
    • Remove the both the top left and right corner screw covers using the metal spudger tool within your iFixit Toolkit.

    • There may be a thin layer of adhesive left behind the screw cover. You can peel this away with this same metal spudger tool.

    • Remove the 2 screws with a Phillips #0 or #00 screwdriver.

    • Using the metal spudger or your favorite pry tool, lightly seperate the bezel frame from the chromebook. Start in one of the top corners near the screws.

  3. Dell Chromebook 11 Model P22T LCD screen Replacement, Remove LCD screws: passo 4, imagem 1 %32
    • Remove the 4 LCD screws in each corner of the screen. Make sure to just unscrew the 4 corner screws as the other screws are not needed.

    • Lift the LCD out from within the frame and carefull flip the LCD over slowly torward you and set it ontop of the keyboard.

    • Then disconnect the LCD connector which is located behind the LCD

    • Start by holding the new LCD with the backside (white) facing up so you will have access to the LCD cable connector.

    • Then connect the LCD cable to the new LCD connector located on the back of the new LCD screen.

    • Replace the 4 LCD screws in each corner of the screen.

    • Start by holding the LCD bezel frame over the 2 LCD hinges. Then snap the bezel frame together along all sides. You should hear "snapping" sounds so do not worry :)

    • Replace the 2 LCD bezel frame screws. You do not necessarily to replace the screw covers as they do not stay on very well anyways.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks for this guide! It saved me a lot of time. I was removing the entire LCD assembly from the base to pull apart the frame. I didn't realize you can keep the assembly attached and still remove the LCD.

Phing Chov - Responder

Awesome, you're welcome! I am glad it could help. Thanks for the kind words.

Jon - Responder

great easy to follow instructions! Thanks.

DeeAnne Mason - Responder

DeeAnn, glad to hear it! Thanks for the comment. Take care.

Jon -

Thank you for taking your time and writing this. .

Anthony Gross - Responder

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