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  1. Appuyez brièvement sur le bouton d’augmentation du volume (1)
    • Appuyez brièvement sur le bouton d’augmentation du volume (1)

    • Appuyez ensuite brièvement sur le bouton de diminution du volume (2)

    • Il faut vraiment appuyer très brièvement

    Ça ne fonctionne pas

    Niego - Responder

    Toujours pas

    Niego - Responder


    droite c est SIri



    Niego - Responder


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  3. Pour finir, maintenez le bouton latéral enfoncé jusqu’à ce que le logo Apple apparaisse (3)
    • Pour finir, maintenez le bouton latéral enfoncé jusqu’à ce que le logo Apple apparaisse (3)

    i had to do this when my i screen freezed up and all pitcher on the screen started to drain

    thanks john uk

    John Walters - Responder

    GREAT advice, I was able to get my phone working right away! Appreciate your instructions.

    mrskimberlymoore - Responder

    I tried it & it does not work at all.

    R4zzle - Responder

    My husband and I both just got new iphone11s & he has had to do this twice in 6 days. Both times the screen froze on the control center. We are used to Android's so the first night he tried resetting by holding down volume up and power, and it dialed 911. He could talk to dispatcher but couldn't unfreeze the screen. First time he had it charging on his Samsung's wireless charger and woke up to find it frozen, second time he was trying to go “back” while using it in the rain.

    This did work both times to get it up and running. Just strange it hasn't happened to me once, but him twice in the first week.

    Susanna Brooke - Responder

    Fabulous. Many thanks. Up and running again x

    dawnb63 - Responder

    I tried the 3 steps my phone won’t turn off

    laquita9522 - Responder

    phone won’t restart still:(

    maria grgs - Responder

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i’d like to know why my phone needs to reboot though? I’ve had it for like 2 weeks and it freezes sometimes and this should not be happening? What triggers this to happen?

yeidi - Responder

Same problem with my iPhone 11. 2x this week!

Rudy Albrecht - Responder

My phone will not responding to anything and it won’t force restart either it’s completely frozen

wolfvogel195 - Responder

My phone is doing the same thing, did you find a solution?

Johnnie Dickens -

Mine also won’t respond to anything and won’t restart - did anyone find another way?

Mel -

When I’m on a telephone call I cannot put my speaker phone on. There is no icon to turn on speakerphone. But when I put the speakerphone on before the call I can’t turn it off during the call, everybody hears my call.

jcornejo365 - Responder

This solution worked for me. My phone was stuck on the loading circle. The key is to quickly press the up, then down volume button in succession (don’t hold them) and then hold the power button until you see the apple logo. Thanks @yvaneck

Rus Cordova - Responder

Ya ! Thanks for the key , it did work :)

Divya R -

Anyone have any tips for when the Up/Down/Side Button process does NOT work?

I’ve had the phone for a week and it’s just not working now and this process does not work.

Matt Peloquin - Responder

I don't know if this will help. I rang Apple and they told me to use iTunes to restore, if on Windows computer and you are using the app, uninstall this. Then download the full version direct from Apple's website. It worked for me…the app get bringing up an error message.

Paul Taberner - Responder

My iPhone 11, latest software and it has a circle of lines Spiraling in a circle clockwise I can’t hard restart it it’s just burning up the battery I guess the only way to restart it is to let it die .

Rickey Amar - Responder

It worked for me! Thanks!

rnavedojr - Responder

This doesn’t work for me. When I follow the stated directions it goes to a black screen asking if I want to power down (completely). No Apple logo. No restart.

Kaste427 - Responder

Same here. Mine only either lets me call emergency services or just slide to power off.

R4zzle -

Try Settings >General >Reset settings

kkalin - Responder

try Settings >General >Reset >Reset all settings

kkalin - Responder

That is an easy fix. While there is no icon, you can touch the hide button that is on the phone while making a call,

and the speaker icon automatically shows up. That it. Good luck

Betty Peterson - Responder

My phone just went frozen and i can get it to unfreeze from the apple logo… im at day 2 and its still doo g that freeze thing and verizon said i have to order a new phone but i cant even get the personal info to get a my stuff i needed in the phone.

hill_london - Responder

Genius! Nothing else worked - thanks for the tip!

Kerry Jarman - Responder

Don’t do this. I did it and my iPhone 11 did an emergency SOS, it was not fun.

Almond Milk - Responder

VPN on iphone 11 causing quite a few issues would suggest closing that for a start if it is selected on your phone.

george gibson - Responder

I downloaded iOS 14 on my iPhone 11 and now i can't open any apps and can’t force restart my phone

Any suggestions?

Andrea Skoulariotis - Responder

I had the same issue but you must accept the risks when using prerelease software. report the bug on and make a backup bofore using the software next time. you may be able to restart using finder or iTunes (iTunes = pre catalina, Finder = catalina+) I was able to restart using this method.

Ari R -

send more help

Rondo Cod - Responder

phoews fxdisabled

Tash Easey - Responder

thank you for this tutorial.

yousif - Responder

my touchscreen isn’t working so i can swipe the slide to power off. Is there another way to shut down my phone?

Colin Park - Responder

Mines also anyone find a solution

Tj Been That Nigga - Responder

If these steps aren’t working for you, it’s because Step 1 is incorrect. You don’t double tap. It’s 1 up, 1 down then hold side key until you see Apple logo appear.

Hit Hit - Responder

My iPhone 7 is displaying overlapping on every page I open please help

Tracy cook - Responder

Please help my iPhone is displaying overlapping on every page I open !!!!

Tracy cook - Responder

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