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Coil Zipper Diagnosis

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  1. Coil Zipper Diagnosis, Coil Zipper Diagnosis: passo 1, imagem 1 %32 Coil Zipper Diagnosis, Coil Zipper Diagnosis: passo 1, imagem 2 %32
    • Before we get started, let's identify the basic parts of a nylon coil zipper:

    • Slider

    • Pull

    • Box

    • Stop

    • Coil

    • Zipper Tape

  2. Coil Zipper Diagnosis: passo 2, imagem 1 %32
    • This zipper came open from the bottom after the zipper slider has been moved.

    • To fix this:

    • Carefully unzip the zipper, separating the halves.

    • Reinsert the plastic piece into the zipper box, ensuring that it is in as far as possible.

    • Rezip the zipper.

    • If this method doesn't work, check for debris in the zipper box, or damage on the zipper slider.

    • If the zipper continues to come open from the bottom when zipping, and all the coil teeth are in good condition, you probably need to replace the zipper slider.

  3. Coil Zipper Diagnosis: passo 3, imagem 1 %32
    • This zipper is missing the zipper box.

    • The only way to fix this is to replace the zipper.

  4. Coil Zipper Diagnosis: passo 4, imagem 1 %32
    • This zipper has a severed plastic piece (the piece that gets inserted into the zipper box).

    • The only way to fix this is to replace the zipper.

  5. Coil Zipper Diagnosis: passo 5, imagem 1 %32
    • This zipper has a damaged coil.

    • The only way to fix this is to replace the zipper.

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I would like to know how to repair a zipper when some of the coils have become unsewn from the zipper tape; i.e., the thread/stitches have worn away from use. Do I just sew over and under the coils? The original stitches were like crochet, with the thread pulled through loops, and they went over the top of the coil as well the bottom. I don't have a crochet hook that small and am wondering what is the best way to proceed. The stitches must not get in the way of the "zipping" action. Any ideas?


Pam Sebastian - Responder

Hi Pam, I know you posted this in 2016, but this might help other as well. There is a chain stitch that YKK uses in manufacturing that holds the coil in place and helps keep each coil aligned. Likely at this point, you need a new zipper replacement. Because the chain stitch broke it will continue to unravel and cause problems with normal operation. Any Patagonia customer with this issue could send in their jacket for zipper replacement.

Marty Chapman -

With a hand lens I can see the the plastic coils, which are otherwise in good condition, have worn flats at their edges where the taper on the slider pushes the coils together. Is there similar or worse wear on the metal slider? Seems unlikely. Do replacement sliders have a slightly narrower taper to allow for the worn plastic? If the replacement metal slider is the same size as the original I can't see why it would solve the problem of poor meshing of the coils when under slight load.

Dave Empson - Responder

The most likely reason that your zipper opens up is that the slider is loose and unable to mesh or engage the coil element properly. You may be able to squeeze the slider at the top and bottom together with a pair of pliers to tighten it back up. Be mindful that you can over tighten or squeeze the slider and prevent it from moving. Do this incrementally, adding slight pressure and test the function to measure your progress.

Your other question: New sliders are just that, new and have not loosened up over time with use.

Another possibility or problem is that a section of the coil is out of alignment and can't mesh together. You might be able to simply bend the specific coil back into alignment like the other coils above and below are positioned. If neither of these solutions

If any of these three solutions don't work you can send it to Patagonia for Repair.

Marty Chapman -

Hi I have a branc new zipper the slide has been separated from one side of the coil how can I push coil back in the slide?

debsewblessed - Responder

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