This Braun Satin Hair 3 hairdryer is disassembled to the point one can easily reach the electronic parts. No soldering is needed to reverse this guide. However, this also means this guide does not describe any repairing of the electronic parts.

  1. Before disassembly, unplug the device.
    • Before disassembly, unplug the device.

    • Make sure the device was not on for the last 10 minutes, because it might still be hot.

    • Using a Spanner 4.0 screwdriver, unscrew the 1.5mm screw from the exterior of the hairdryer.

    • Begin at the cord end of the product. Gently pry the two halves of the external casing open with the help of a Jimmy and push the front cap up and away from the external casing. The snap-fit should come loose.

    • After opening the first snap-fit, remove the gray cord protector by slightly pulling it backwards while keeping the gap open with your other hand.

    • Slide the cord protector down the electrical cord and out of the way.

    • Continue loosening the front cap from the external casing using the Jimmy. The snap-fits tend to snap back in place, so to prevent that use opening picks to keep the separated halves from snapping back closed.

    • Work your way around the product, opening one snap-fit at a time.

    • Take care while opening the snap-fits. If done gently, damaging the product can be prevented. It might take some time and patience, but prevents breaking the casing as a whole.

    • It is advised to open the snap-fits that are easier to access, and finish with the snapfits in the harder-to-reach spots, namely those in the area where the handle meets the head of the hairdryer (shown in the third picture).

    • After opening the last snap-fit of the front cap, it comes loose from the external case halves. Slide the front cap off the external casing and put it aside.

    • Using either tweezers or pliers, pinch and remove the sliders and button from the front cap.

    • The sliders can only be removed at the specific place, marked in the second picture. Here the slit is a bit wider, making it possible to push the sliders through.

    • Using the same driver as before, remove the 1.5mm Spanner 4.0 screw that becomes accessible after removal of the front cap.

    • At the back of the product, the two halves of the case are connected with a snap-fit cap. Loosen this cap by putting a screwdriver or other opening tool under the cap using it as a lever.

    • Unfortunately, to further access the insides of the product, it is necessary to break the snap-fit cap. There is no way to reach this part from the back.

    • Using the same tools and methods as before, pry the two external halves open the rest of the way.

    • The snap-fits joining these two halves are tougher than those of the front cap. You might need to use more force to release them.

    • Unscrew the third and last 1.5mm spanner 4.0 screw keeping the fan down, using the same spanner driver again.

    • Unscrew the 1.3mm Phillips #2 screw holding the circuit board down, using a Phillips #2 screwdriver or bit.

    • Slide out the inner components as a whole.

    • Separate the black inner casing from the other parts by removing the three 1.4mm Phillips #1 screws with a Phillips #1 screwdriver or bit and sliding it off.

    • Pull apart the fan from the heating element and the circuit board.

    • This is the furthest this tear down can go without needing to solder it back together during reassembly.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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