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Don't worry, Dr. Dre is here! Changing the batteries is probably the easiest replacement procedure you can perform, so don't stress out and you'll be fine.


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  1. Beats Studio First Generation Batteries Replacement, Identify the Left Speaker Housing: passo 1, imagem 1 %32
    • The left speaker is the speaker that holds the batteries and does not have the power switch.

  2. Beats Studio First Generation Batteries Replacement, Removing the Battery Cap: passo 2, imagem 1 %32 Beats Studio First Generation Batteries Replacement, Removing the Battery Cap: passo 2, imagem 2 %32 Beats Studio First Generation Batteries Replacement, Removing the Battery Cap: passo 2, imagem 3 %32
    • Place two fingers on each side of the cap. Press and twist counterclockwise to loosen the cap.

    • Once the cap is loose, simply lift the cap out to reveal the batteries.

  3. Beats Studio First Generation Batteries Replacement, Batteries!: passo 3, imagem 1 %32
    • Carefully pull the batteries out of their housings. When putting in new batteries, make sure that you place each battery in the correct orientation.

    PLEASE this is ugent for me, I've taken care of them alot but they dont turn on after i changed the batteries, I need to know whats wrong please contact me :

    I really need help

    Haruka Kyoto - Responder

    My cap does not turn. What is the secret?

    Roddy - Responder

    Where do i get a new battery for my beats solo 2 headphones

    Malla Sumanth - Responder

    My spring fell out where the battery goes in. Does someone know how to fix this?

    Noel Bindrich - Responder


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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hi man you post is help me a lot thank you..God bless you

EL TIO SAM MARS - Responder

Are u using 4A batteries on this? Please reply ASAP. The 3a batteries won't fit on my beats wireless studio.

Nessa Upzs - Responder

They are 2 x AAA batteries. This is Beats Studio first generation which are WIRED headphones.

John Coops -

Help,I'm trying to twist off battery compartment and it's not budging! Should I try and pry off w/screwdriver! Any ideas?

Kathy - Responder

hello jus curious if u got the cap to come off n how if so? any advice wld b greatly appreciated please n thank u

Randi -

Hi where can I get the replacement batteries for my beats S750

Diane Cairnes - Responder

mine just doesnt want turn

kooroshtaher - Responder

Hello this is beats sfudio?

Elmer Fabella - Responder

Hi can someone help me please I pulled out a spring in my headphones and I’m trying to fix it what will I need to do to fix it thank you

Maurice Brown - Responder

I pulled the spring out of my headphones I have no idea how to reconnect it can come someone tell me what to do please

Maurice Brown - Responder

Hey bro, my Headphone battery spring is broken what can I do???

Tobi David - Responder

Open the headphones, using steps 7,8,10,11 of “headphone jack” guide. Remove the broken spring, and solder in a replacement spring. They are AA size, you can get one from old toy or solar garden light. Make sure that connection does not stick up above red part, or black internal part will jam and earpiece will not swivel properly.

John Coops -

Very easy? I am kinda strong but opening this cap is impossible for me. I have Studio Wireless.

thelordofemails - Responder

hello jus curious if u got the cap to come off n how if so? any advice wld b greatly appreciated please n thank u

Randi -

This instruction is not for studio wireless

pericopio santillan -

i CANNOT get the cap over the battery compartment will NOT budge for me….PLEASE help! Any advice/help wld b greatly appreciated…thank you

Randi - Responder

I see no one is answering on how to get the battery Compartment open. I cannot get the compartment to twistcounterclockwise at all. Help!

Gary - Responder

So no1knows how 2get tight 2twist battery lid off it seems, n E 1please help out

lawrie079 - Responder

Hi I can't get the battery cover off .it's too tight

Margie Norris Norris - Responder

This is the worst design, why not make a slot where you can grip the cover and rotate in direction given in the instructions. Or include a tool or suggested tool to remove the cover when the two finger press and rotate counterclockwise does work…. Suppose the grip or force is not enough to remove the cover? Absolutely a terrible design!

Gregory White - Responder

Hi , I can’t twist the left hand ear piece , like it says , its too tight, and I used to be able to do it, no problem. Any ideas or suggestions as to how to get it undone? I don’t remember it being so difficult to unlock the cap! thank you


annlonergan - Responder

HOW TO remove the battery cover - get some rubber sheet sold for “anti-slip mat” from local variety store. The material is cut with scissors and usually used to line drawers with (stops items sliding). Also you can get small pieces in kitchen shops that are sold as “jar and bottle gripper” which you use in your hand to open a tight jar. With the rubber between fingers and battery cover, it is easy to rotate it like shown in this guide. After you open it, place some silicone grease on the surfaces so it slides easier. Do not use vaseline, wd-40 etc… only silicone grease

John Coops - Responder

If you can’t get the cover off easily then I recommend checking the version of headphones you have.

My Beats Wireless (which I thought were of this design) are the original version 1. In the box the instructions indicate that the batteries are 2x AAA rechargeables……and I spent a good few hours almost destroying the left earpiece outer cover trying to ‘rotate it’ off as they show in the diagrams, except….the earpiece doesn’t rotate and the battery is a 602030 3.7v 300mAh LiPo.

The only left-side earpiece that does rotate is the one with two very small ‘outdents’/nobbles at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position on the outer cover. If yours doesn’t have these then the battery type is the 3.7v and no amount of twisting will ever take the cover off. See this video instead….. (with thanks to ‘Joe’s Gaming & Electronics’)

Wodger - Responder

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