Change the oil in your 2006-2011 Honda Civic to keep it running strong and improve engine longevity. This guide will cover all models equipped with the 1.8L engine.

Honda recommends an oil change when the maintenance light comes on, or after one year, whichever comes first. In tough driving conditions with a lot of stop-and-go traffic, the maintenance light will come on after about 6,000 miles, indicating 15% oil life remaining.

  1. Place a jack at the jacking point at the front passenger side on the pinch weld, the thicker metal part just behind the front wheel.
    • Place a jack at the jacking point at the front passenger side on the pinch weld, the thicker metal part just behind the front wheel.

    • Use the jack to lift the passenger side of the car until you have enough room to work under the car comfortably.

      • Alternatively, you may drive the front of the car onto wheel ramps. If you do this, be sure to chock the rear wheels.

    • To make your oil change easier, you may consider jacking the car up as high as it will go.

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  2. Place a jack stand immediately behind the jack on the pinch weld.
    • Place a jack stand immediately behind the jack on the pinch weld.

    • Slowly lower the car onto the jack stand and remove the jack.

    • Many hydraulic jacks are lowered by placing the open end of the handle over a knob and turning it counterclockwise. Consult the owner's manual for your jack if you don't know how to lower it.

    • Never work underneath a car that is only supported by a jack. The jack may slip or fail, resulting in serious injury or death.

    Some newer models have a metal panel that is protecting the under part of your engine. You will need to remove this in order to access the 17 mm hex oil drain plug. The panel unscrews, then slide back (facing the front of car) and off.

    Shelby Reyes - Responder

    • Locate the 17 mm hex oil drain plug at the back of the oil pan, facing the rear of the car.

      • Honda made everyone's life a little easier, and stamped the words "Engine Oil" on the oil pan with an arrow pointing to the drain plug.

    • Position an oil drain pan under the oil pan so that it will collect the draining oil.

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    • Always wear protective gloves and eyewear when working with motor oil. Be careful if your car has been running recently as the engine and exhaust may be very hot. Keep rags or towels nearby to wipe up any spills.

    • Use a 17 mm box end wrench to loosen the drain plug 3/4 of a turn.

    • Loosen the drain plug by hand until it comes free and oil begins to drain out of the oil pan.

    • Watch the draining oil for shiny specks. Metal flakes in the oil are a part of normal engine wear—but, an excessive amount of metal flakes could indicate a serious problem. Consider saving your oil and sending a sample to a lab for analysis.

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    • While the old oil is draining, wipe off the drain plug with a clean rag or towel and remove the old drain plug gasket.

    • Place a new drain plug gasket over the threads, making sure that it is large enough to go all the way to the head of the drain plug.

    • Any standard metal or plastic 1/2" drain plug gasket is appropriate, as long as it fits over the threads.

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    • Once the oil has slowed to a drip, wipe off the area around the drain plug with a clean rag or towel.

    • Reinstall the drain plug and tighten it with a box end wrench until it is snug. Alternatively, you can use a torque wrench to verify that the plug is tightened to spec. The torque spec for the drain plug is 29 ft./lbs.

    • Do not over-tighten the drain plug. You may risk stripping the threads or cracking the oil pan. It's better that it be too loose, rather than too tight, because you can always go back later and tighten it. If in doubt, verify the torque using a torque wrench.

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    • Locate the oil filter at the front, passenger side of the oil pan.

    • Place the oil drain pan underneath the oil filter.

    • Unscrew and remove the oil filter by turning it counter-clockwise. If the filter is on too tight to remove by hand, use an oil filter wrench to loosen it.

      • Have plenty of rags on hand, because this is probably the messiest part of the procedure.

    • The oil filter will still have oil in it, so keep the open end facing up until you are ready to pour it out into the oil drain pan.

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    • Dip a clean gloved finger into a new bottle of oil and spread a thin layer of oil over the gasket on the new oil filter.

      • This layer of oil will prevent the gasket from bunching up during tightening, and will make removing the filter at the next oil change easier.

    • Wipe off the oil filter threads and contact area on the engine with a clean rag or towel.

    • Place the new filter over the threads and turn it clockwise by hand until it is snug.

    Before installing filter, Prime Filter by adding fresh oil from the 4 quarts needed to change oil. It should be around 3/4 full of oil after filter has soaked up oil.

    M P - Responder

    Be sure to check to make sure the old oil filter gasket is not stuck to the oil pan. If it is left on, there will not be a proper seal. Without a proper seal, the oil will leak out and possibly lead to engine damage.

    Travis Gallagher - Responder

    • Remove the oil drain pan from underneath the car.

    • Jack the car up enough so that it is no longer resting on the jack stand.

    • Remove the jack stand, then slowly lower the jack until it is no longer supporting the car.

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    • To pop the hood, pull on the hood release lever inside the driver side door.

    • Locate the hood release latch under the hood. Use one hand to press up on the latch while lifting the hood.

    • Prop the hood up by inserting the hood prop rod into the hole labeled with an arrow.

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    • Remove the oil filler cap at the passenger side of the engine by twisting it counter-clockwise then lifting it off of the oil filler hole.

    • Insert a funnel into the filler hole to prevent spills whilst adding the new oil.

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    • Pour 4 quarts of 5W-20 oil into the funnel.

      • Make sure to use 5W-20 oil. Though using slightly different grades will work, it is best to use the type stated in your owner's manual.

    • Replace the oil filler cap.

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    • Remove the orange dipstick from under your hood.

    • Wipe the dipstick down with a rag or towel to ensure that you get a true reading.

    • Reinsert the dipstick all the way into its hole, then remove it.

    • The amount of oil on your dipstick determines the oil level. The top of the crosshatched area is the maximum amount of oil you should have, while the bottom of the crosshatching is the minimum.

      • Our oil level appears to be a little high. However, oil has not yet had time to seep into the nooks and crannies of the engine. Start the engine and let it idle for a minute. Turn the engine off and look underneath for leaks. Check the oil again. Now the filter is full of oil, the level should be close to the full mark on the dipstick.

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    • Lift the hood enough to allow you to lower the hood prop rod back down into its resting location.

    • Gently lower the hood until it clicks into the secondary latch.

    • Press firmly on the edge of the hood until you hear the primary latch engage.

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    • When it's time to change the oil in your Civic, the maintenance light (orange wrench) will appear on your dash, as well as a B1 message, showing an oil life of 15% or less.

    • To reset the Oil Life % gauge, press and hold the SEL/RESET button for about 10 seconds until the Oil Life message begins to flash. Release the SEL/RESET button, and hold it again for about 5 seconds until the Oil Life % resets to 100.

    • Allow 12-24 hours for all of the oil to drain out of the old oil filter.

    • Take your old oil and filter to a recycling facility. Most auto parts stores and repair shops accept these at no charge to you. In addition, some cities and/or counties have a service where they will collect used oil and filters from your home. For more information, see the American Petroleum Institute's web page on used motor oil collection and recycling.

    • It is a good idea to record the date and service performed in your owner's manual so that you will have records for your dealer in the event of any warranty issues.

    Very great explanation with recommendations.I like the way to explained here.

    Thanks a lot for helping us.


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To actually reset the oil light:

1. Hold button for 10 sec

2. Release and rotate button counter clockwise once to select "oil life" (it should be flashing)

3. Press button once (makes whole display flash)

4. Hold button for 5 seconds until it says 100%

Jake Lester - Responder

To actually reset the 2009 Civic you won’t be rotating the button it’s not like that. It’s exactly like the author states.

Taterly Saladman -

Greetings from Russia! Thanks for the lesson.

79035688137 - Responder

Exactly what you look for in a How-To guide

Mitch Leburg - Responder

What kind oil to use u never say ls the same one in the pictures

Eric - Responder

the best oil I use in my Honda civic lx with 131k miles is the Sae 5w20 all year long, any brand will work from penzoil, havoline, valovine, or whatever you chooses. I heard many used AMZOIL (the purple oil) but reply back anytime

southraleighbro -

Is it ok to put 5 quarts of oil in my 2011 Honda Civic LX?

Any answers are greatly appreciated.

Jason Strand - Responder

sure, it coast every thing to keep you from going under the hood adding more oil to the engine. I normally do it and don't have a problem with my car, cause usually the car uses about 5 quarts of oil from the pan to the engine and filter, enough is better than not enough to have the engine lock up . Personally, if you like to just add just 4 quarts go ahead but, just ensure you have enough to have in the cross hatch march saying the oil is full at the level mark

southraleighbro -

no overfilling the oil will give you some problems later don’t overfill

Taterly Saladman -

This Tutorial is helpful and the pictures are a great benefit.

Francis Lang - Responder

Merciiiii bcp pour toutes ces bons conseils et informations


Sainville Cabas

Sainville Cabas - Responder

how much quantity of engine oil is needed for my honda civic 2008 make.

rajib kumar das - Responder

Approx 4 quarts when also replacing the oil filter - which really should be done together. New oil + new filter = happy car!

Hendo -

Do I have to change the oil filter every time? If not, what can i look for when inspecting the filter?

Cameron P - Responder

Yes, you have to replace your oil filter every time you change the oil. The filter is fairly cheap and worth it.

Henry Tran -

The filter cleans the dirt out of the oil. Dirty black oil, dirty filter. You can look at the difference when you put the new filter in one hand and the old one in the other hand. Compare. That is dirt. Not changing the filter would be like taking dirty dishes and using them for the next meal. Or putting your dirty underwear back on the next day. Just not a good idea.

Taterly Saladman -

I am having technical problems reseting my dial on a honda civic ex 2008

norma velez - Responder

No change my oil and filter and my Honda Civic is still showing 15% also showing a code reading A13 help me out

Clarence Miller - Responder

I changed my oil and filter on my Honda Civic 2007 and it is still showing 15% and a code reading A13 help me out

Clarence Miller - Responder

My Father taught me when I change the oil to fill the oil filter by using part of the 4 quarts required for the oil change. This primes the filter and you have less time with the engine running without oil.

M P - Responder

If you are using Full Synthetic oil to begin with this isn’t a problem. :-)

labaseballfan -

, what is the drain plug size and length

Jorge diaz - Responder

Excellent step - by - step how to.

I use ramps instead of jacks and jack stand

frk040 - Responder

Good tutorial. The only think I do in a different order it to remove the oil filter first that way if you drop it into the oil pan accidentally it doesn’t go splash and oil everywhere. As opposed to it going into an oil pan full of oil.

labaseballfan - Responder

You guys are doing a great job. Fantastic!

Olukayode - Responder

Ihre Artikel ist sehr toll. Könnten Sie mir sagen, wo kann ich das Handbuch von Honda finden?

potzl - Responder

179k miles and my 2006 is still running

Amar - Responder

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