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Estas são algumas ferramentas comuns usadas para trabalhar neste dispositivo. Talvez você não precise usar todas elas em cada procedimento.

Trouble Shooting


Phone Will Not Power On

• Phone not charged

• Faulty Battery

Sticky or Missing Keys

• Keystrokes Not Responding

• Keys Won’t Push in

• Missing Keys

Screen Not Properly Displaying

• Broken or Cracked Screen

Phone Will Not Power On After Getting Wet

• Water Damage

Camera Not Working

• Broken or Cracked Camera

Phone Will Not Power On

Phone shows no sign of beginning or completing the powering on process

Phone Not Charged

Check to make sure the phone is charged by plugging it in. If the phone does not start charging it might be due to a faulty charger. Consider purchasing a new charger.

Faulty Battery

If even while plugged in the phone is not charging the phones battery itself might be dead. This can be fixed by purchasing a replacement battery. This can be put in the phone by sliding off the back cover of the phone and pulling the old battery out

Sticky or Missing Keys

The keys on the phone are non-responsive, won’t push in, or aren’t there

Keys Non-Responsive

If the keys are not responding then they may need to be replaced. Consider purchasing a replacement keyboard

Keys Can’t Be Pressed

This can be caused by a physical object being caught in between the keys, to fix this you can try tro slide a thin object around the key to dislodge the jam or by removing the key.

Missing Keys

If your phone is missing keys you can fix this by getting replacement keys.

Screen Not Properly Displaying

When the phone is on the screen is still not working

Broken or Cracked Screen

In the event that the phone is powered on and displaying only a black screen or if the screen is severely crack you will need to replace the screen entirely. To remove the screen you can unscrew the screws behind the sliding back cover to get to the screen.

Phone Will Not Power On After Getting Wet

After getting wet possible water damage prevents the phone from functioning.

Water Damage

When the Samsung Propel gets wet or submerged in water it can often cause water damage. This can cause many problems with the phone most commonly causing the phone not to power on. The best way to try to fix this is to take the phone battery out and leave the phone out and let the phone dry out. Do not use a blow dryer as this can hardware of phone to overheat and be damaged.

Camera Not Working

When using the camera function of the phone you are unable to take pictures

Broken or Cracked Camera

While the phone is open and in use it is common that the phone can be dropped while the camera is exposed causing damage to the camera. To fix this you have to replace the camera in the phone. To do this you have to unscrew the screws inside the back slide panel of the phone similar to when replacing the main screen.

Background and Identification

The Samsung Propel is a very classic non-smart phone that was released with a lot of different multimedia functions. It contains stereo Bluetooth technology and an MP3 player. The MP3 player is also has an expandable microSD for extra memory support. However, the 1.3-megapixel camera and camcorder are nothing special compared to other phones. The phone also has AT&T Mobile Music, Video Share for two-way video calls, and CV to stream videos among other multimedia services. The Propel is a very solid functioning phone, however it was only popular until the end of 2008.

You can check to be sure that you have the Propel by looking at the sticker under the battery and checking that it says the model number SGH-A767.

Technical Specifications


  • 1000 mAh Li-Ion
  • 5 hours talk time
  • 250 hours standby time


  • TFT Technology
  • 220 x 176 pixels
  • 2.20 inches physical size
  • 65,536 colors


  • 3.79 oz (107 g)


  • 3.85 x 2.33x 0.58 in
  • 98 x 59 x 15 mm


  • 1.3 megapixels
  • Digital Zoom
  • Video capture
  • Video Share


  • Music Player (supports MP3)
  • Video Playback
  • Internet Browsing
  • GPS
  • Calendar
  • Alarms
  • To-Do/Tasks
  • Calculator, World Clock, Notes, Memo
  • A Bowling Game


  • SMS and Email


  • Bluetooth v2.0
  • USB

Additional Information

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