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The Nokia 6090 phone offers an 8-watt output of power for reliable connection, fast and uncomplicated access to all functions with smart Navi key system, stable and widely available data transmission capability, plus timeless stylish and rugged construction. The Nokia 6090 phone is ideal for your vehicle; it is optimally designed for easy installation, either on the dashboard or in the central console. Thanks to its vehicle-mounted 8-watt output power design, the Nokia 6090 phone can provide increased reliability and continuity of ongoing communications, especially when driving between cities or when calling or transferring data from other remote locations. Designed with safety and ease-of-use in mind, the Nokia 6090 phone's all-purpose Navi key guides you straight and fast to the features you need most. Echo canceling and noise reduction technology is built into the Nokia 6090 phone and even the microphone and loudspeakers are tailored to the specific requirements of in-vehicle mobile communication. The Nokia 6090 phone provides high-end data capability, with built-in modem functionality and an RS232 interface to connect to a personal digital assistant (PDA), a compatible PC or a compatible mobile fax machine. The dual SIM concept of the Nokia 6090 phone especially serves the needs of taxi, truck, and delivery van fleets.


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