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Background and Identification

The Garmin nüvi 2460LMT was a 16th generation device in Garmin's "nüvi" line of devices. The LMT edition features map updates and traffic services for the lifetime of the device. The device is comprised of 5 main components. When disassembled there is a main screen, a battery, the speaker, a motherboard and the back panel (or housing of the device). This device also comes with attachments for the vehicle use. These attachments include a dashboard mount and charging wires( one for the car and one USB charger) for the device.

Garmin's nuvi series have had battery recalls on multiple devices, but the 2460 LMT is not one of them. The only problems this device history contains is with the updates, where a few instances cause device failure when updating the mapping. Overall this device seems very reliable, and contains a strong history.


For troubleshooting on this device, please follow the link to the troubleshooting page

Garmin Nuvi 2460 LMT Troubleshooting Wiki

Additional Information

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Video Disassembly of the Garmin Nuvi 2460 LCD

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