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I started my first cell phone and tablet repair business with a partner back in 2014. I quickly realized that he and I had very different methods of achieving things. To make a long story short the partnership did not make it even though the business model was sound.

I closed that shop and started all over myself with Mobile Device Rescue. I had a small shoestring budget but I also had a big heart. I got a spot inside a business park because the rent was appealing. The problem was I did not have a store front or even a window so people could not see me from the road. I survived a couple years in that location because of the Internet and word of mouth.

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I am now on Main Street in League City and business is good. We fix a lot of broken screens, bad charge ports and we are able to save that all important data after your phone gets wet.

Data Recovery is probably the most fun I have as a cell phone and tablet repair tech. We have a process that makes us stand out from our competition and people in our area know to go to us when they get their device wet.

In our three years of business we have received over 100 five star reviews between Yelp, Facebook and Google.

Just drop off your device and run an errand and when you return your phone or tablet will be as good as new.

Mobile Device Rescue is saving lives fixing one mobile device at a time.

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