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Repair guides, support, and troubleshooting information for MacBook Air models with 13-inch displays.

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missing screw post on Logic Board

Hello .

I just purchased macbook air a1237 model.

Looks like it is missing screw post and screw located between cpu's .This screw is holding heat sink as well cpu bracket (v shape ) .

Is there way to buy missing post for the screw or fix that some how ? Looks like this mac is overheating now and turns off after few min .

See pic below on link

Block Image

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Try contacting iFixt directly if no one else pops up with the part.

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i did try this road already


Then purchasing a dead (for parts only) machine from e-bay is your only hope. You might be able to negotiate with a seller for only that part-if not get the offered machine and part out the remaining good parts.


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If the heat sink is loose, and if a thin coat of thermal paste is missing those could be the causes of your overheating.

You could try contacting iFixit directly to see if they have the part.

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