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Fourth generation iPhone. Repair is straightforward, but the front glass and LCD must be replaced as a unit. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity / Model A1332 / Black and White.

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"extra part" after replacing screen. No ATT service

After replacing my screen I was interrupted several times and some things were thrown around. I have an "extra part" which I dont know where it goes. Also I have two screws missing. Also a screw or two are missing. Wifi range is now half as good, and I cant connect to ATT to use the phone as a phone. It just always says searching. I desperately want to fix the phone, otherwise I have a 400 dollar brick, and im texting on crappy T9. Can you please identify the part and where it goes. Also is it possible to purchase a new set of screws from you guys? In hopes of being able to use my iphone as a phone again. I can do everything else even text with Imessage. but cant call or text. Ive since had to get a new temporary phone.

Heres a picture of front and back. If you cant tell one side has a soft pad and one doesnt.



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yes that was the part. I accidentely found it on this site while looking for screws. Its called a contact clip and i reinstalled it again. went to ATT and re hooked up my phone. It worked had 2-3 bars. So some service but not perfect. driving home some places had 3 bars others had none. In my apt, there is no service. Basically I have to sit on an antenna to get service. Dont know if this is important but i almost never had 3g.

the clip helped things but didnt fix things completely. So i still have fixing to do. So does this store sell new screws so I can have a complete iphone?

Another part that fell off and then I lost.


in this picture its the copper piece next to the blue circle. Where can I get another one? Im guessing its vital to reception. i need one ASAP. If i dont, then i have to disconnect the iphone again and go with the crappy one till i do. ATT guys will hate me for coming in so often


Are you sure its on there? From the picture it doesnt look like it is. I dont mean to question you, but are you positive?



Iwillfix just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same clip. I reinstalled the contact clip, but now focusing on the little copper thing. Also I bought a new antenna cover anyway. 7 dollars will not make me broke and at least its progress. Thank you


the part i'm talking about is the small copper thing under the blue indicated screw. the part you have posted 2 pictues of should go next to the battery connector the soft part on the small round gsm antenna connector


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hi charlie,

the little metal clip on top of the wifi antenna cover is your problem.

yes it is vital for reception. you'll have to buy a new antenna cover. the clip is already on there.

here's a link to the part


have a nice repair

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