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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is the first Android handset to feature a controller with PlayStation controls.

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Why wont my phone open?

it was working well but then the screen lagged and force closed so i took out the battery. after i put it back on, the phone wont turn on anymore. it shows the logo sony ericson and then the carrier which is rogers, but after that it re-starts to the sny ericson logo and so on. please help me.

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Does the phone turn on immediately when you insert the battery or only when you press the power button?


i have to press the power button then it opens.


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Download this:

and this:

then follow this guide:

this will wipe your phone (apps contacts, but not the sd card)

after this it will work

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Free tool for unlock nokia lumia . It works on any nokia lumia model :

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